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How to Select a Health Risk Assessment that Will Actually Make a Difference

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How Wellworks Can Help Your Company Develop New Year's Resolutions that Will Actually Stick

Wellness Program Solutions

Why the Most Successful Wellness Programs Include Biometric Screenings

Wellness Program Solutions

The Great Resignation: How Wellness Programs Keep Employees Happy

Have you heard about The Great Resignation? Americans are quitting their jobs at a record pace since the middle of 2021. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that as of December 2021, 4.3 million people quit or changed jobs and 10.9 million job openings remain unfilled.

Wellness Program Solutions

Is your corporate wellness program successful? Find out with reporting

Studies show that offering corporate wellness programs in the workplace pays off. Because of these programs, companies can save money on yearly healthcare costs and reduce absenteeism as well as increase productivity and improve morale.

Wellness Program Solutions

Introducing the "Know Your Number” Risk Assessment Tool

If you as an employer could reduce an employee’s risk of diabetes, stroke, or cancer, would you take advantage of it?

Wellness Program Solutions

Five Things You Never Knew a Wellness Tracking Software Program Could Do

According to a workplace wellness program study, 92% of 121 participants reported that they would participate in a similar program if offered again; 82% showed appreciation for fitness programming; 90% said they’d like a worksite pedometer-based walking and physical activity tracking program. This study is just one example of how wellness tracking software helps both employees and employers remain accountable for their health goals. Learn about how incorporating a wellness program into the workplace can help employees become more engaged and reduce healthcare costs.

Wellness Program Solutions

Three Benefits of Corporate Wellness Reporting You Won’t Want to Miss

Studies show that offering corporate wellness services in the workplace pays off. Not only do companies save money on yearly healthcare costs and reduce absenteeism, but workplace wellness programs can also increase productivity and improve morale. Workplace wellness program studies further demonstrate that the success of a program can be enhanced by the right kind of measuring system. Learn how corporate wellness reporting can improve employee participation and interest, among several other benefits that will help employees achieve optimal health and wellness in the workplace.

Wellness Program Solutions
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Health Coaching Success in a Hospice Care Facility

Working in the field of hospice care in South Carolina, a client came to Wellworks For You in 2016 ready to help their employees and spouses make lasting health improvements. The employer offers gym membership discounts, diabetic counseling, and onsite biometric screenings performed by a local health system.  

The initial health concerns for this company included:

  • Weight Management
  • Poor Nutrition Habits
  • Health Education
  • Diabetes Prevention and Management

Within the first year, Wellworks was able to identify this client's high-risk categories and implement our unique wellness approach.

Case Study

Leading Texas Health System Experiences Claims Drop As Employee Health Rises

A leading San Antonio-based health system, which has been providing healthcare throughout South Texas since the early 1990s, was experiencing rapidly rising health insurance claim costs for their employees. The health system needed to reduce health insurance claims. To accomplish this, they understood they needed to implement a wellness program. They required a wellness program with an easy-to-follow process, coupled with a HIPAA-compliant secure online portal and health coaching to assist employees to improve their current lifestyles. Wellworks stepped in to offer a comprehensive wellness solution to meet all of their needs.

Case Study

Ragan Announces Workplace Wellness Hot List of Corporate Wellbeing Solutions

Introducing the Workplace Wellness Hot List Winners - This Year’s Top Services & Solution Providers


Wellworks For You Selects Wellsource as Health Risk Assessment Solution Provider

Wellworks For You, a corporate wellness management company, today announced that they have chosen Wellsource, Inc. to provide quality health risk assessments (HRAs) as part of their suite of comprehensive wellness program solutions. Wellworks For You has a longstanding focus on high touch customer service and providing customized corporate wellness solutions, and found a likeminded partner in Wellsource, a company with over 40 years’ experience in developing high quality HRAs that help to improve health outcomes and reduce costs associated with chronic conditions.


Wellworks For You Acquires Orthus Health, LLC to Provide an All-In-One Corporate Wellness Solution

Wellworks For You, a global health and wellbeing management and technology company, announced today they have acquired the assets of Orthus Health, LLC. This combination will provide an optimized, clinically oriented wellness solution for their clients and partners. It also expands the range of products and services available to their customers to include the Know Your Number Health Risk Assessment, Data Analytics for medical and pharmacy claims, a comprehensive diabetes management platform, and COVID vaccination and symptom tracking software.


Wellworks For You and Mindyra Partner to Use Science to Improve Employee Mental Health

Wellworks and Mindyra have partnered to make Mindyra’s behavioral care software available to all of Wellworks’ clients and their employees. Mindyra’s software, made available through Wellworks, will help employees more precisely identify their emotional and behavioral health concerns. All employees will have access to mental health assessment tools including the clinically validated Mindyra-9™ screener, which only takes about a minute to complete, yet can help to identify most of the mental health concerns of an employee population.

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