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5 Simple and Innovative Health Fair Ideas

Open enrollment and wellness program renewal season is here, along with a fresh start for employers seeking to inspire wellness in the workplace. This blog breaks down five health fair strategies that are sure to engage employees and get them excited for their upcoming wellness program.

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Introducing our Wellness Made Easy Programs, with handpicked solutions tailored to fit the specific needs of a demographic. Because wellness should always be this easy.

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Our fully flexible and scalable employee wellness solutions are ideal for your business, corporation or organization.

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Fewer Member Claims

A healthier workplace starts with healthier employees

Improved Productivity

As corporate wellness increases, so does morale

Lower Admin Burden

Everyone wins when wellness is holistic

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Why Choose Wellworks For Your Workplace?

We strategize with your team to design a program to meet your organizational goals

We are a privately held, family-owned organization providing a reliable, steadfast commitment to you

Have confidence in our programs, each of which are supported by tech-driven data and results

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Know Your Number TMDisease Health Assessment

We provide risk stratification reporting to identify future onset of healthcare risks

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Targeted Communications

Members receive targeted, personalized messaging in support of their wellness journeys

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85% of high-risk individuals decreased their risk level after participating in their Wellworks For You Wellness Program.


78% of individuals lost weight after following their Wellworks For You Wellness Program for one year, and 64.5% of those who were overweight showed improvement.


4.4% was the reduction in medical claims one company saw just one year after implementing their Wellworks For You Wellness Program.

*These statistics are based on individual company results.

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Thank you for being so very responsive and knowledgeable throughout this on-boarding process. Looking forward to our continued working relationship.”

— Wellworks Client
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Thanks to Wellworks, I have accomplished every one of my goals over the last 2 years. By setting small goals, I’ve grown in my hobbies, exercise, time management, and stress reduction.”

— Wellworks Participant
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