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Health Coaching Success in a Hospice Care Facility

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Health Coaching Success in a Hospice Care Facility


Working in the field of hospice care in South Carolina, a client came to Wellworks For You in 2016 ready to help their employees and spouses make lasting health improvements. The employer offers gym membership discounts, diabetic counseling, and onsite biometric screenings performed by a local health system.  

The initial health concerns for this company included:

  • Weight Management
  • Poor Nutrition Habits
  • Health Education
  • Diabetes Prevention and Management

Within the first year, Wellworks was able to identify this client's high-risk categories and implement our unique wellness approach.


Through restructuring this client's program and implementing Health Coaching to uniquely match their employees' needs, this client saw up to a 41% improvement in employee biometrics and a 6% participation increase from Year 1 to Year 2. By year 3, this client had maintained an average participation rate of 80%.

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