How Wellworks Can Help Your Company Develop New Year's Resolutions that Will Actually Stick

How Wellworks Can Help Your Company Develop New Year's Resolutions that Will Actually Stick

January is the time to create New Year’s Resolutions. Allow Wellworks For You to help your company develop resolutions that will stick.

New Year’s Resolutions fail for many reasons, with 80% failing by January 12th. But, with Wellworks’ expertise and guidance, your employees can have their best year yet.  

How to Set a Realistic Goal and Why Wellworks is the Key to Your Company’s Wellness Success

According to Harvard Health, five questions should be laid out when setting a goal or new year’s resolution:  

  1. Why do you want to make the change?  
  1. Is your goal concrete and measurable?  
  1. What is your plan?  
  1. Who can support you as you work toward change?  
  1. How will you celebrate your victories?  

Here is How Wellworks for You Helps Answer These Questions

Wellworks’ team of skilled wellness experts is trained to help you implement a wellness program with goals that will stick. When implementing a wellness program, let’s look at the questions you should consider.  

Why Do You Want to Make the Change?

Like making individual goals, it is essential to identify your “why” when starting a wellness program.

For example, maybe you want to decrease the overall glucose levels and lower insurance costs associated with diabetes management. Setting this goal makes it easier to customize a wellness program perfectly tailored to your “why.”  

Is This Goal Concrete and Measurable?

This is where a team of wellness experts comes in. Creating a plan that makes your goals concrete and measurable is our bread and butter.  

For example, consider the goal of “decreasing overall glucose levels.” This is a great goal, but it is not measurable. To make this goal measurable, your wellness team will be able to identify a realistic goal and timeline:  

  • Decrease overall glucose levels à Lower overall glucose levels by 2% over the next three years.  

*This goal is intended to be used as an example and may not be realistic for all programs

Leaning on a team of wellness experts ensures a robust program with clear-cut goals, requirements, and incentives.  

With customizable marketing materials, a wellness portal, and tailored communications, conveying the requirements and incentives of your program with your participants has never been more accessible.  

Measuring program success is done through comprehensive reporting. For example, Wellworks’ reporting dashboard can track participant registration and utilization of the portal, challenge participation, and health risk stratification throughout the wellness year.  

The reporting dashboard can help identify who is at risk for modifiable health conditions. It can also break down everyone’s results through tangible reporting that is private, meets HIPAA standards, and provides a comprehensive picture of the following steps needed for achieving optimal health and your company’s goals.  

What is Your Plan?

Creating a plan often means taking on larger goals and breaking them into more bite-sized pieces, but this can be overwhelming for company-sized goals.  

Allow your wellness coordinator to cover this step by creating an actionable plan for the year with your company’s goals in mind and their expertise in the wellness industry.  

This can include facilitating health coaching calls or walking challenges to get employees up and moving, scheduling onsite biometric screening events, and sending program reminders via text and email throughout the year as ongoing motivation.  

Who Can Support Your Employees?

Each group has its own wellness coordinator, who will be the day-to-day contact for questions throughout the program.

Our wellness experts are here to support your employees, but if you feel they need extra assistance, health coaching is a great way to provide that additional help.  

Wellworks’ health coaches are highly educated in the latest health, nutrition, and exercise research and are expertly trained in strategies for cultivating optimal wellbeing. They can be the person to support your employees every step of the way throughout their wellness journey.  

How Will You Celebrate Your Victories?

Help your employees celebrate their victories with an incentive earned by completing your program’s unique requirements.                      

Creating a solid wellness program can be the key to supporting employees in their resolutions and goals. 80% of resolutions fail, but with the guidance and support of Wellworks For You and our team of wellness experts, yours can come to fruition.  

If you are currently running a wellness program and want to ensure that your program is aligned with your goals, reach out to your wellness coordinator and allow their expertise to guide you toward the best choice for your employees. Wellworks is here to help!

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