Is your corporate wellness program successful? Find out with reporting

Is your corporate wellness program successful? Find out with reporting

Studies show that offering corporate wellness programs in the workplace pays off. Because of these programs, companies can save money on yearly healthcare costs and reduce absenteeism as well as increase productivity and improve morale. Studies further show that the success of a program can be enhanced by the right kind of measuring system. Learn how corporate wellness reporting can improve employee participation and interest, among several other benefits that will help employees achieve optimal health and wellness in the workplace.

Three Major Benefits of Corporate Wellness Reporting

What do experts attribute to the positive effects of successful corporate wellness programs? There are a few things: customizability, strong leadership, and, perhaps most importantly, accountability. Custom reporting can help create transparency where a wellness program is falling short, and where employees may need more help.

That’s why Wellworks For You offers a comprehensive reporting dashboard. Here are three ways reporting can show if your corporate wellness program is successful.

Registration & Utilization Reporting

You no longer need to question how many employees have registered or accessed the Wellness Portal. Now, you can know who is actively utilizing your workplace wellness program and who may benefit from receiving program reminders.

Challenge Participation

Participation can be a pain-point for some businesses first beginning a workplace wellness program. As employees participate in challenges, or don’t, you’ll better understand the types of challenges your employees enjoy. In turn, you can offer better programs that fit your demographics needs.

Health Risk Stratification

Chronic but modifiable health risks can be costly for companies. Using the reporting dashboard can help businesses identify employees who are at-risk for modifiable health conditions through professional, preventative screenings and health risk assessments. It can also break down each individual’s results through tangible reporting that is private, meets HIPAA standards, and provides a comprehensive picture of next steps needed for achieving optimal health.

More Ways Corporate Wellness Reporting Can Help Your Business

In addition to the three reporting features above, Wellworks For You also offers Data Analytics, Incentive Tracking, and Health Coaching Reports. We are committed to helping businesses large and small devise measures of accountability through the growth and success of corporate wellness programs.

Lisa Kyler
Lisa Kyler

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