Five Things You Never Knew a Wellness Tracking Software Program Could Do

Five Things You Never Knew a Wellness Tracking Software Program Could Do

According to a workplace wellness program study, 92% of 121 participants reported that they would participate in a similar program if offered again; 82% showed appreciation for fitness programming; 90% said they’d like a worksite pedometer-based walking and physical activity tracking program. This study is just one example of how wellness tracking software helps both employees and employers remain accountable for their health goals. Learn about how incorporating a wellness program into the workplace can help employees become more engaged and reduce healthcare costs.

Five Wellness Tracking Software Capabilities You May Not Have Known About

In an employee wellness program, you can track incentives, health metrics, and daily steps achieved. In addition, certain types of wellness tracking software can provide even more benefits to help employees reach their goals.

At Wellworks For You, we designed a comprehensive wellness program website portal and corresponding wellness tracking app. These tools elevate the overall health and wellness experience in various workplaces and beyond. Wellness programs also reduce long-term healthcare costs because they promote preventative care.

The Wellworks For You Wellness Portal enables employee wellness participants and employers to maximize wellness with the following features:

  • Multiple Communication Pathways

Several workplace wellness program studies have demonstrated the importance of not only having multiple sources of communication—email, text, etc.—but also consistency and frequency in messaging. The Wellness Portal contains a built-in appointment system and access to communication with health coaches. There’s also a calendar to keep employees up-to-date on exciting, upcoming wellness activities, events, and more.

  • Various Wellness Tools

Rather than a never-ending paper trail or email thread full of wellness documents, the Wellness Portal comes equipped with a wellness toolbox. Important health forms, documents, programs, and videos can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Monthly Recipes and Grocery Lists

Recent data tells us that the average American works 9.4 hours per day. That doesn’t leave much time for extracurricular activities, exercise, errands. Who has the time to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen with such a packed schedule?

The Wellworks For You corporate wellness app provides a host of healthy, tasty recipes with an easy-to-follow grocery list.

  • Informative Insights into Wellness Challenges

Wellness challenges are healthy, engaging, fun, and dynamic ways to motivate and increase workplace wellness participation. The Wellness Portal invites participants to view the latest walking, exercise, and health challenges. And, a wellness challenge tracker provides insight into rankings so participants can see how they’re doing compared with their peers. A leaderboard displays how each employee ranks in comparison to other wellness challenge participants.

Other Benefits of Wellness Tracking Software

In addition to tracking individual health metrics, rankings, and fitness and nutritional data, wellness tracking software provides a global perspective of health in the workplace. By knowing more about the overall health and wellness of employees, employers can answer important questions about workplace wellness, such as:

  • What aspects of workplace wellness are employees taking advantage of most?
  • Do wellness challenges have a positive impact on employee productivity?
  • Has absenteeism improved since the implementation of certain wellness options?
  • Does wellness appear to be more of a priority among employees?
  • Has there been any reduction in healthcare costs?
  • Has workplace culture and employee morale benefitted from wellness programs?

At Wellworks For You, we specialize in empowering employees and employers to strive for a healthier, happier, and more productive workplace. In addition to offering companies a fully-integrative wellness tracking software solution, we offer numerous wellness programs specifically designed to achieve optimum wellness.

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