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How to Select a Health Risk Assessment that Will Actually Make a Difference

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Wellworks For You and Mindyra Partner to Use Science to Improve Employee Mental Health

Wellness Program Solutions

The Quarantine 15 - Why the Weight Gain Matters

We have all heard about the “Pandemic Pounds” or the “Quarantine 15”. Unfortunately, it is very real and dangerous to both your employees and bottom line. How can you know if your employees have fallen victim to the quarantine 15 from COVID-19?

Wellness Program Solutions

Introducing the "Know Your Number” Risk Assessment Tool

If you as an employer could reduce an employee’s risk of diabetes, stroke, or cancer, would you take advantage of it?

Wellness Program Solutions

8 Employee Wellness Portal Tools That Your Program Needs Be Successful

Did you know that in a recent study, 60% of employers reported a reduction in overall workplace healthcare costs due to the implementation of an employee wellness program? Furthermore, the same study demonstrated the maximized ROI that comes from a fully-integrative, comprehensive wellness program. Research has shown that the success of a wellness program involves comprehensive offerings, quality communication, technological integration, and ease of accessibility. We give you: the Wellworks for You Employee Wellness Portal.

Wellness Program Solutions

Biometric Screening Companies for Corporate Wellness Program | Wellworks

At Wellworks For You, we like to emphasize the importance of integrating the pieces of a wellness program with one another, which is why we are a top provider of workplace screening services.

Wellness Program Solutions

Five Feasible Solutions for How To Quit Smoking*

Despite increased awareness of the risks of smoking, a recent study revealed that almost 20% of adult employees smoke during work hours. Why do they smoke? Nicotine can produce a calming or pleasant effect that many claim, “calm the nerves.” Others may say that smoking helps to keep them awake during work. No matter the justifications for smoking, research proves that nicotine, whether absorbed through smoking or vaping, is harmful to the body. By helping employees find tools and techniques on how to quit smoking, employers can help promote improved health in the workplace, reduce expensive medical costs, and more.

Five Ways to Educate and Empower Employees on How To Quit Smoking

Many people, employers included, are curious about the most successful way to stop smoking. Like many things, there really isn’t one win-all solution. At Wellworks For You, we recognize that the best smoking cessation program for the workplace needs to be one that addresses the specific needs of each individual.

As an employer, offering a smoking cessation program for the workplace is a wonderful way to demonstrate support for employee wellness, reduce illness and modifiable chronic diseases, and can end up saving money on expensive health premiums and healthcare costs.

Ready to help learn about how to quit smoking? Here are a few ways to help employees find their personal method toward quitting vaping and smoking:

  1. Resources and Reliability
    To add a level of transparency and authenticity, offering employees personal testimonials of success stories about quitting smoking can be a source of inspiration and encouragement. In addition to shared real-life experiences, providing the aid of a personal health coach who specializes in smoking cessation provides an accountable, reliable resource for employees seeking to kick a nicotine habit.
  2. Power in Numbers
    Working as a group has a tremendous impact toward reaching wellness goals. A group setting invokes camaraderie among coworkers joined in the common endeavor to quit smoking.
  3. Individual Challenges
    Some personality types are well-suited to solo challenges. In these instances, a smoking cessation program can be customized on a personal level. Rewards when particular milestones have been accomplished are often positive and successful motivators for individual-minded employees on the pathway to quit smoking.
  4. Medications
    Medication may be helpful in certain scenarios based on the longevity and amount of nicotine used by certain employees. Those who have smoked large quantities of cigarettes for a number of years may potentially benefit from aids to stop smoking, such as nicotine replacement, or other types of supplements or medication designed to reduce cravings.
  5. Behavioral Therapy
    Certain therapeutic modalities, such as cognitive behavior therapy, has been shown to be effective in helping individuals to stop smoking.

Quitting Smoking Saves More than the Life of The Smoker

While eliminating nicotine helps reduce the likelihood for developing a preventable chronic disease and adds benefits such as improvement in teeth, gums, and lung health, when a nicotine user ceases to smoke, even more advantages occur, including:

  • Lower chance of bad breath
  • Elimination of second-hand smoke around coworkers
  • Increase in pocket change
  • Stronger immune system
  • Better cardiovascular health

If you’d like to learn more about how to help employees quit smoking, Wellworks For You can help. In addition to offering customizable smoking cessation programs, we also have a diverse range of programs to help newly non-smokers to continue to improve their health, such as health risk assessments, fitness and nutrition, education and ideas, and much more.

Please contact us any time at or call us at 800-425-4657 for more information.

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Ragan Announces Workplace Wellness Hot List of Corporate Wellbeing Solutions

Introducing the Workplace Wellness Hot List Winners - This Year’s Top Services & Solution Providers


Sonde Health Launches New Voice-Enabled Health Screening Tool to Help Employers Return to Work During the Global Pandemic

As businesses across the country grapple with how to safely bring employees back to the physical workplace, a new voice-enabled health detection and monitoring app from Sonde Health promises to help employers improve employee safety, meet government mandates, and satisfy their own administrative needs as they reopen office doors in a rapidly changing COVID-19 environment.


Wellworks For You Selects Wellsource as Health Risk Assessment Solution Provider

Wellworks For You, a corporate wellness management company, today announced that they have chosen Wellsource, Inc. to provide quality health risk assessments (HRAs) as part of their suite of comprehensive wellness program solutions. Wellworks For You has a longstanding focus on high touch customer service and providing customized corporate wellness solutions, and found a likeminded partner in Wellsource, a company with over 40 years’ experience in developing high quality HRAs that help to improve health outcomes and reduce costs associated with chronic conditions.


Wellworks For You Acquires Orthus Health, LLC to Provide an All-In-One Corporate Wellness Solution

Wellworks For You, a global health and wellbeing management and technology company, announced today they have acquired the assets of Orthus Health, LLC. This combination will provide an optimized, clinically oriented wellness solution for their clients and partners. It also expands the range of products and services available to their customers to include the Know Your Number Health Risk Assessment, Data Analytics for medical and pharmacy claims, a comprehensive diabetes management platform, and COVID vaccination and symptom tracking software.


Wellworks For You and Mindyra Partner to Use Science to Improve Employee Mental Health

Wellworks and Mindyra have partnered to make Mindyra’s behavioral care software available to all of Wellworks’ clients and their employees. Mindyra’s software, made available through Wellworks, will help employees more precisely identify their emotional and behavioral health concerns. All employees will have access to mental health assessment tools including the clinically validated Mindyra-9™ screener, which only takes about a minute to complete, yet can help to identify most of the mental health concerns of an employee population.

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