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We Provide Unique Teams with Flexible Wellness Solutions

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Whether you are a Benefits Consultant, CFO, Wellness Director, Human Resources Manager or a Healthcare Organization, we have the programs for you.

We work with these great employers and groups:

For Employers

Our programs are specifically designed to reduce risks and create healthier, happier employees. With a lower rate of absenteeism and better employee retention, you’ll see productivity soar and cost savings grow. We help mitigate healthcare claims and efficiently set up long-lasting programs that employees honestly care about.

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On average, 85% of total claims paid were accrued by employees who were not participating in the wellness program.


COPD claims decreased by 95%


Diabetes Claims decreased by 13%

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For Consultants & Brokers

The programs at Wellworks for You are designed specifically for each client, ensuring personalized attention and back-end support from an experienced team of account managers, coordinators, and customer service representatives. Best of all, we have the data to back up our years of success in mitigating and reducing costly risks.

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Over 65% of one broker’s book of business are exclusively running a wellness program provided by Wellworks For You.


The 2-year increase in one broker’s book of business offering Wellworks solutions.


The number of brokers currently in partnership with Wellworks For You.

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For Healthcare Systems

No matter the size of your healthcare system, we’re happy to partner with you to create a whitelabeled solution to your needs. You can provide our programs directly to your employees or community knowing you’ll receive our ongoing support and services.

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The average engagement in the wellness program across eligible populations.


95% of our clients are VERY satisfied with their customized programs and account management team.


45% of eligible populations are completing their entire program and earning an employer sponsored incentive.

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For Resellers

We can produce whitelabeled solutions for businesses and organizations. We design flexible, bespoke programs while providing our unparalleled support on the back end, so every platform sold is well crafted and maintained.

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