Introducing the "Know Your Number” Risk Assessment Tool

Introducing the "Know Your Number” Risk Assessment Tool

A Risk Assessment Tool Capable of Real-Time Results

If you as an employer could reduce an employee’s risk of diabetes, stroke, or cancer, would you take advantage of it?

What if, in addition to empowering employees to practice better health and wellness, you could also save time, money, and reduce workplace absenteeism? Wellworks For You understands the importance of a risk assessment tool that reduces employee health risks through an employee wellness program.

For this reason, we offer the Know Your Number health-risk assessment tool. This method of data analytics has the capability to positively impact the overall environment, ethics, and morale of your company… and so much more.

A Risk Assessment Tool Capable of Real-Time Results

A risk assessment tool is only as effective as the program that powers it. Know Your Number doesn’t require the implementation of expensive software or complicated technical set-up or maintenance. The Know Your Number tool is completely self-sufficient and fully integrated with the capability to:

  • Identify and measure risk for 9 of the most common, costly, and modifiable chronic diseases
  • Offer statistical-based results that consider gender, ethnicity, and provide peer comparisons
  • Display all results graphically – employees can literally see their risk level associated with both a numerical value and a visual chart
  • Provide an evidence-based analytics methodology to generate a powerful tool for employee education
  • Combine the HRA experience with a more comprehensive approach to focus on modifiable risks

Why “Knowing Your Number” Adds Value to Employee & Employer

After an employee receives their Know Your Number results, there is a greater possibility that he/she will take the necessary steps toward better health and wellness practices.The impact of the graphs makes this process more effective than a traditional HRA process. In fact, the incorporation of a health coach into the wellness program following an assessment tends to be a natural and effective mechanism for moving employees toward action.

A health coach can take an employee’s Know Your Number results and work with them on a one-on-one basis to modify lifestyle and behaviors, leading to a healthier lifestyle, more productive work life, and decreased risk of disease. Further education, goal setting, and lifestyle coaching can occur naturally from this point. Meanwhile, the employer benefits by increased workplace productivity, less employee sick time, and reduced healthcare costs.

What better way to build upon your wellness program than to begin with the Know Your Number health risk assessment tool? This amazing approach to risk analysis will prove beneficial to both employer and employee! Call us now to get started at 800-425-4657.

Kimberly Scott
Kimberly Scott
Director of Product Management

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