Why the Most Successful Wellness Programs Include Biometric Screenings

Why the Most Successful Wellness Programs Include Biometric Screenings

Wellness program renewal season is upon us. Whether you are preparing to launch your first wellness program or are getting ready to launch your 6th, a biometric screening is a meaningful way to integrate wellness into your employees' everyday lives.

What better way to integrate wellness into the workplace than an onsite biometric screening event?

Onsite screenings for biometrics, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other related health vitals can offer several benefits to a workplace wellness program. An onsite screening event not only provides employees with easy-access biometric screenings, meaning no time taken off work, but it also provides them with vital health information. This encourages employees to create positive changes in their health and wellness and identify preventative chronic diseases early on. It also means reduced absenteeism, increased workplace morale, and healthcare cost savings for the employer.  

Why Offering Biometric Screenings Play an Important Role in Effective Wellness Programs

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When wellness program results can be assessed in a convenient, easy-access location, like an online wellness portal, participants will be more likely to use the beneficial information offered. The same can be said for biometric screenings in the workplace. Good biometric screening companies will provide your business with a straightforward way to access testing results so that you can seamlessly tie that information into your decisions concerning the rest of your wellness program. It is also crucial to provide employees with individual access to their results and overall progress from year to year.

Getting the Insight You Need

Conducting biometric screenings in the workplace is one effective way to collect valuable information that will help you find ways to perfect your corporate wellness program. Understanding your employees’ current health status and risk factors is needed to know which activities and programs your wellness program should provide.

Gathering your employees’ current health status and risk factors allows Wellworks to customize your wellness program to your employees' unique needs and enables us to track tangible success from year to year. It is also important to note that chronic but modifiable health risks can be costly for companies. Utilizing year–to year reporting based on biometric screening supplies insight into the success of your wellness program and an idea of the potential cost risk due to modifiable chronic diseases.

Hire Help from a Professional Wellness Company

Biometric screening companies help provide corporations with the necessary knowledge by testing employees for several key health indicators. On your screening day, professional medical staff will come onsite to conduct biometric health screenings, including Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI), Height/Weight, Waist Circumference, Fasting Glucose, Total Cholesterol, HDL/LDL Cholesterol, and Triglycerides.


Your company can decide when and how you’d like the screenings done. Wellworks for You will do all the rest, from organizing the necessary vendors to delivering the results you need. Schedule a demo today to learn more about how this may be right for your company!

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Kellie O'Keefe

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