Many people can experience “contempt prior to investigation.” Think about the average toddler faced with a plate of broccoli for the first time! Yet, for every rebellion in trying something new, there often comes the victory of knowing at least you tried. And sometimes the things which you were most vehemently opposed ended up being truly enjoyable.

That said, even if you’re hesitant to try some of the following healthy lifestyle tips, have no fear! You’ll likely see how easy each tip is to implement and discover the benefits fast.

Ten Healthy Lifestyle Tips that are Worth Trying

While many people have a desire to be healthier—whatever that means to them—they may not know where to begin. Living healthy doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go crazy at the gym or hop on the celery juice trend. Instead, taking small steps to ease into lifestyle changes can, in the long run, make all the difference.

Check out 10 tips for a healthy lifestyle:

  • Drink More Water

Drinking more water is one of the best healthy habits to start with, for many reasons. Dehydration leads to several health issues such as joint pain, headaches, and digestive problems. Drinking water in place of soda and juice also reduces your sugar intake and promotes healthy weight management.

The most current daily H2O guidelines are approximately 3.7 liters for men and 2.7 liters for women, although this varies depending on individual measurements and activity levels.

  • Count Your Steps

Counting your steps and making your steps count is a win-win. Many studies show that individuals who count their steps with a pedometer device are more prone to increase their activity levels. Also, counting steps can be a fun challenge. Get creative in how and where you can squeeze a few extra steps in—take the stairs instead of the elevator, use your lunch hour to get a walk in, and challenge a friend to see who gets more steps during the week.

  • Evaluate the Kitchen

If you don’t have any junk food, you won’t eat any junk food. One of the biggest steps to living a healthy lifestyle is eating well, and that starts with tossing the processed items. Make it a point to keep your kitchen stocked with healthy snacks like nuts, fresh fruit, and low-fat, reduced-sugar yogurts.

  • Make a Meal Plan

Long work weeks and busy schedules mean a greater risk of running through the drive-thru. If you’re not used to planning meals ahead of time, start slow. Begin by arranging two healthy dinners for the week. Before you know it, prepping your meals will come naturally, and you’ll have healthy leftovers to bring to work instead of going out to lunch.

  • Prevent Snack Attacks

The three o’clock hour always tend to be a battle. As energy begins to dwindle, people are more prone to pop over to the nearest vending machine for a sweet treat. Having healthy snacks such as apples, almonds, baby carrots, hummus, and cheese sticks at work will serve as armor against sugar-crash snacks.

  • Know Your Numbers

You can’t change what you don’t know needs changing. Knowing your risk for certain health risks can give you the motivation you need to make healthier choices. At Wellworks For You, our Know Your Number Health Risk Assessment flags for nine modifiable chronic diseases.

  • Establish Electronic Boundaries

So many of us are tied to our electronic devices, and we often don’t realize how our tech time affects sleep. Did you know that the blue light emitted from electronic devices can disrupt regular sleep patterns? (That’s right, we’re talking about your smartphone.)

To ensure you’re getting optimal sleep, put your phone and other electronics down 30 minutes prior to bedtime. Healthy sleep means better focus, eating patterns, and mood.

  • Put Stress in Check

Stress can cause a myriad of physical and mental health problems, from muscle tension and fatigue to anxiety and irritability. Even a few yoga poses, five-minute meditation, or walk around the block can make a huge difference in your mental clarity and peace of mind. When establishing a routine, you can increase the amount of time you put into self-care activities.

  • Commit to One Activity

Signing up for a specific activity, such as a workplace wellness challenge or 5K run, holds you accountable and keeps you motivated to move. You may also want to stray from the physical fitness realm and participate in a community outreach activity, painting class, or cooking session. Committing to an event and following through to the end will boost your mood and confidence, confirming that you can reach your larger goals!

  • Start Slow!

Whether you decide to implement one or all of these healthy lifestyle tips (or others), remember to get started gradually. Making monstrous goals and resolutions can be overwhelming, leading people to quit before they even start. And remember: a healthier lifestyle for you may not look the same as others around you. If you need help identifying what actions you should be taking, consider hiring a health coach who can help you make a personalized plan.

Baby Steps For Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Once you begin to implement healthy lifestyle tips, you may wonder what you can do to maintain them. At Wellworks For You, we specialize in helping companies of all sizes and shapes implement employee wellness programs. The habits employers and employees build in these programs are unparalleled, raising both their self-confidence and overall quality of life.

We offer comprehensive programs and services to empower wellness in the workplace, and beyond. Set up a consultation today, or call us for any questions at 800-425-4657.