3 Tips for Writing an Outstanding Wellness Newsletter*

3 Tips for Writing an Outstanding Wellness Newsletter*

As a part of your company’s comprehensive wellness program, you may consider developing and publishing a regular wellness newsletter. This is usually done via email and should go out to your corporation’s staff mailing list. Remember that a good corporate wellness program can help your company decrease sick leave absenteeism and significantly minimize workers comp and health care costs. Education is a key component of a successful wellness program and that’s why so many corporations have begun the practice of publishing a wellness newsletter.

3 Tips for Writing an Outstanding Wellness Newsletter

1. Set Some Goals:

  • Remind employees of current challenges/incentives
  • Promote the programs you are running that month
  • Build a relationship with employees by offering them valuable information

You can also set goals for the success of your wellness newsletter:

  • Establish a regular publishing schedule (once per month is recommended)
  • Achieve a certain percentage for your open rates
  • Increase employee involvement with your wellness programs

2. Keep it Practical and Educational:

  • Recipes for healthy meals or snacks
  • Interesting statistics or infographics on health issues
  • Easy exercise recommendations

3. Encourage Engagement: While you don’t want to overburden your readers with too many calls to action, you do certainly want to use your newsletter to promote their involvement in the current programs and incentives that you’re offering through your wellness program. Always remind your employees about what’s happening at your company and how they can use those programs and tools to their advantage as they pursue a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, you’ll want to offer ways for readers to directly interact with the content in your newsletter. Here are some ideas on how to accomplish that:

  • Include trivia questions and prizes for winners
  • Prompt readers to engage with your company’s social media platforms in some way (example: Highlight the fact that a new photo album has been uploaded on Facebook, displaying pictures from your last corporate lunch and learn and invite readers to go check it out!)
  • Include a prompt or survey that your readers can respond to via email

If planning, writing and publishing a quality wellness newsletter for your corporation sounds like a lot of work, then you may want to look into hiring a wellness company to produce these for you. Call Wellworks for You to ask about our wellness newsletter and bulletin program as well as our other services that may be helpful for your company!

Brandon Harrar
Brandon Harrar
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