Top Ways to Focus on Men's Health at Any Age*

Top Ways to Focus on Men's Health at Any Age*

It’s time to focus on creating a positive attitude around men’s health, especially when it comes to preventive care. Men often skip routine healthcare visits out of fear of looking weak. A study from the Cleveland Clinic showed that 40 percent of men only go to the doctor when they’re having a serious health issue. Skipping yearly physicals and checkups could be the difference between catching health issues early or when it’s too late.

Whatever age you are, it’s vital that you’re visiting with your healthcare provider. We’ve listed several health issues men should be concerned about at each stage of life.

4 Ways to Focus on Men’s Health with Preventive Care

Preventive Care in your 20s and 30s

  • Learn your BMI, blood pressure, and cholesterol
  • Discuss any anxiety, depression, or mental health conditions you may be dealing with
  • Focusing on sexual health, including sexually transmitted infection testing
  • Learn the signs of testicular cancer and begin being screened

Preventive Care in your 40s

  • Continued focus on maintaining good blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Starting at age 45, colon cancer screening becomes routine
  • If you’re overweight, it’s important to screen for diabetes

Preventive Care in your 50s

  • Once you’re over the age of 50, the CDC recommends getting a Shingles vaccine
  • Early prostate screenings begin at 55

Preventive Care in your 60s and Beyond

  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Talk to your doctor about your risks
  • Ensure you’re getting your yearly flu vaccine. The immune system begins to weaken as you age.
  • Finding safe and age-appropriate ways to exercise

Keep the conversation open about health issues you may be facing. Individuals with male family members can help support and empower them to visit their healthcare provider regularly. The best way to be strong is by keeping your body healthy – physically and mentally.

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Kellie O'Keefe
Kellie O'Keefe

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