Wellworks For You Mobile App Update Release*

Wellworks For You Mobile App Update Release*

This week our mobile app gets even better. Wellworks For You released a major update for our mobile app users with a continued focus on increasing participation, creating a better user experience, and ensuring ease of use. Let’s take a look at a few of the updates you’ll find in the latest version.

Team Cheering for Challenges

The newest addition to the Wellworks For You mobile app is Team Cheering for Challenges. This functionality will allow users to cheer for their teammates within challenges to create an encouraging community environment.

Push Notifications

Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder. That’s why we’ve made communication simpler and easier with push notifications. Use these reminders for health coach appointments, motivation to participate in challenges, or program requirement status. These reminders can be turned off and on within the Communication Settings of your mobile app.

Uploading Forms

We want to make it as easy as possible to submit the necessary forms and paperwork. With our newest app update, you can now upload forms within the mobile app. Once a form is uploaded, you will get a confirmation message that it was received and another update when it has been validated.

Contact Us

It’s now easier than ever to contact your account coordinator. We’ve added functionality to contact or upload a form directly to your coordinator within the mobile app.

Log Workouts

Within the Activity portion of our mobile app, you will find the ability to manually log and track your activity minutes. You can choose from 9 different activities and log the hours/minutes of the duration.


For users with access to the Wellsource Health Risk Assessment (HRA), we’ve made it easier to complete it directly in the mobile app.

Ensure your Wellworks For You mobile app is updated to the most recent release by visiting your phone’s app store today.

Lisa Kyler
Lisa Kyler

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