That's a Wrap on Mental Health Month 2022*

That's a Wrap on Mental Health Month 2022*

For the entire month of May, we focused on several components of mental wellbeing in celebration of Mental Health Month. Mental wellbeing is vital in our workplaces and in our personal lives. We’ve compiled several resources from our month of celebration to share how you can focus on mental health in all aspects of your life.

Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace

Why is it important?

One of the most tangible benefits of addressing mental health issues in the workplace is cost reduction associated with healthcare and lost productivity. We know that depression can drastically hinder job performance, physically and cognitively.

Workplaces need to offer a full range of wellness services. We spend most of our time at work. Therefore, it’s a perfect opportunity to reduce mental health risk factors early on. By increasing awareness about mental health issues, employees can be connected to helpful information and resources.

We’ve written an informative white paper on the benefits of focusing on mental wellbeing in the workplace.

How can Wellworks For You help?

Wellworks for You offers multiple tools through our WellBalance programs to help employers and their employees be the best versions of themselves.

Knowing where to begin when addressing employee mental health can be difficult. Wellworks For You partners with Mindyra to provide four workplace mental health surveys. These surveys identify the unique needs of individuals, track their progress, and suggest additional support.

Knowledge8 is another component of our WellBalance Mental Wellbeing Program that approaches mental wellbeing through 8 specific pillars. Individuals work through each pillar while focusing on a different aspect of mental wellbeing. Participants are encouraged to join challenges, webinars, and monthly courses.

Mental Wellbeing Tips from Wellworks for You Employees

A large part of the culture at Wellworks for You is promoting physical and mental wellbeing internally. We pride ourselves in supporting healthy lifestyles and creating a workplace that allows employees to focus on what matters the most to them.

We asked our employees to share their own mental wellbeing tips each week. Read below for a few of our favorites.

Kelly Geppi, VP of Sales

“Faith, Family, Friends, and Fitness are the keys to my mental wellbeing. My soul is fed by my church family, my sweet family of four and extended family, my friends I consider family and consistently getting in my workout and “me time” – specifically running, tennis, cycling, and HIIT classes. These are my priorities and when my priorities are central to my everyday life, I am happier, healthier, more productive, and mentally well.”

The way I focus on my mental health changes from year to year, as I get older and my family grows older, and the workplace continues to evolve and change.

The one thing that always remains constant for me is the need to have laughter and movement. If you are able to move your body, you are lucky!

Talk to your HR representatives and ask make sure you know what mental health benefits are available to you at all times.”

Wherever you’re at in your mental wellbeing journey, we’re here to help. Reach out to us today to either get started with a wellness program in your workplace. Or find out what programs are already available to you through your employer.

Lisa Kyler
Lisa Kyler

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