10 Fall Fitness Challenge Ideas You Didn’t Know About*

10 Fall Fitness Challenge Ideas You Didn’t Know About*

There’s something invigorating about the fall season—the foliage exhibits its colorful splendor, the air becomes crisp, and the anticipation of a new year begins. What better way to revive your wellness goals than by implementing fall fitness challenge ideas inline with the new season?

To help maintain the enthusiasm for wellness in the workplace, implement wellness challenges to motivate employees. Check out 10 wellness challenges surrounding the best in fall fitness fun.

10 Fun Fall Fitness Challenge Ideas Designed for the Workplace

Wellworks For You specializes in creating interactive wellness challenges for the workplace. The Healthy Habits Gamification Challenge, for example, is a highly-customizable wellness challenge type that can be points-based, team-oriented, or tailored to individuals, and includes options for several different themes.

In addition to the challenges managed by Wellworks throughout the year, create fun, internal challenges with your coworkers to get the most out of fall fitness in the workplace. Some examples include:

  1. Run or Walk a Fall 5K
    Many 5K runs ramp up around the fall season. Consider implementing an incentive for employees who sign up and train for a 5K of their choice.
  2. Pick Your Way to Health
    If picking a 5K is too ambitious, partner with a local u-pick fruit farm. Encourage teams to pick and package fruit during a certain time frame and donate the majority of their pickings to charity.
  3. Rake Up Fitness Points
    The fall foliage is beautiful yet bountiful, shedding onto the sidewalks and streets. Offer prizes to employees who rake and bag the most fall leaves. Again, this can be a great philanthropic opportunity for employees who are capable and offer to do yard work for those who are unable.
  4. (Pre) Walk Off the Holidays
    To help ease the effects of overindulging during the holidays, a walking program is the perfect preventative weight loss/weight maintenance fitness challenge.
  5. Choose Your Own Adventure
    Create a weekly “fitness fishbowl” challenge. Have the office vote for their favorite type of exercise out of these five choices: running, ballet barre, yoga, walking, and strength training. Over the next month have each team pull a random fitness routine to complete; teams can alternate weekly.
  6. Turn-up Tournament Time
    Whether it’s ping-pong, softball, badminton, or volleyball, creating a team tournament challenge is often a favorite selection among fun fitness challenge ideas.
  7. Hunt for Treasure
    Who says treasure hunts are only for kids? For employers looking for weekly fitness challenge ideas to spur participation, hiding “treasures” that can only be tracked by a walking or running smartphone app is an ingenious way to encourage exercise.
  8. Launch During Lunch
    Encourage employees to take advantage of lunchtime fitness. Have them log what exercise they completed during the lunch hour.
  9. Pace for a Pedometer Race
    Nothing motivates coworkers like a little (or a lot) of friendly competition. Implement a fall pedometer challenge and watch walking become increasingly more popular around the office grounds. Encourage employees to either walk to rack up those steps, or, maybe even take up running!
  10. Hike and Bike
    If you have a hiking or biking trail near work, use it for fall fitness challenge ideas. Set up the challenge to begin the morning before work, during lunch, or after work. You’ll get the added benefit of breathing in some fresh fall air.

Fitness Challenge Ideas All Year Round

If you’re looking for more fitness challenge ideas for groups or individuals, Wellworks For You has just what you’re looking for!

In addition to engaging, comprehensive wellness challenges designed for the workplace, we also offer a number of programs to encourage overall health and wellness for companies of all sizes.

To learn more about fall fitness challenge ideas and our Wellworks For You programs, book a demo today!

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