Get the Most From an Employee Assistance Program and Mental Health

Get the Most From an Employee Assistance Program and Mental Health

How do you ensure your employees get the most out of an employee assistance program (EAP) and resources for improved mental health in the workplace? Wellworks For You offers WellBallance programs for the purpose of empowering employee mental health and wellness for companies of all shapes and sizes.

How Wellworks For You Operates as an Employee Assistance Program Provider

Mental wellness in the workplace is important as nearly 1 in 5 adults aged 18 or older report mental health disorders. Poor mental health and stress negatively impacts job performance, productivity, engagement, communication, physical capability and daily functioning.

WellWorks For You offers comprehensive health and wellness solutions to support employees. Through our EAP platform, employees gain access to:

  1. Highly-skilled, certified counselors (most of whom have tenure approaching 15 years)
  2. Telephonic support for work-life, financial, and legal services
  3. Easy web and mobile access for counseling sessions, educational material, informational videos, and more

How Wellworks For you Supports Additional Employee Mental Health in the Workplace

WellBallance, a 10-month corporate mental wellness program, offers several mental health support and strategy-driven services, which include:

  1. MindQ Well-Being Assessment – to help assess the risk for problems that could potentially produce a negative impact on workplace effectiveness, productivity, absenteeism, and more.
  2. Knowledge8 – Designed as an eight-week program, employees are introduced to eight pillars of well-being, with weekly webinars, quizzes, and more.
  3. Focu5 – This 5-week program challenges participants to choose five areas of focus in which to improve stressors and obstacles in their personal and work lives.
  4. Wholesome Habits – As an additional eight-week program, employees learn how to apply well-being knowledge by completing different wholesome habits each day.
  5. Mental WellBeing Library – A diverse and robust selection of clinically-validated, user-friendly health content is available to participants across multiple visual mediums including articles, quizzes, videos, assessments, and podcasts.
  6. Mindful Messaging – Emails, texts, portal pop-up notifications, and banner notifications allow participants to remain connected throughout the WellBalance program.
  7. Personalized Coaching – A certified Health Coach provides one-on-one private sessions for employees in a number of health-and-wellness-related areas.
  8. On-Site Seminars – Thought leaders are available to present seminars on mindfulness, yoga at work, breathing techniques, healthy eating, stress management tips, and more.

Mental health programs for the workplace matter! In fact, studies show that investing in the mental health of your employees yields improved workplace engagement, absenteeism, presenteeism, workplace stress, and overall employee satisfaction.

For more insight into how to implement mental health awareness in the workplace and affect change through a corporate wellness program with measurable goals and results, simply fill out the information form to get started.

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