Wellworks for You and Spirence Partner to Provide Innovative Behavioral Health Solutions

Wellworks for You and Spirence Partner to Provide Innovative Behavioral Health Solutions

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PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Wellworks for You, a global health and wellbeing management and technology company, and Spirence have partnered to provide new behavioral health solutions to their existing platform. Through the Wellworks for You platform, employees can take advantage of 8 different self-paced programs. These programs range from over one hundred mental wellbeing educational videos, personalized telephonic coaching, in-person retreats and virtual or onsite seminars, family educational services, and more.

According to Shortlister, mental and behavioral health offerings were quoted as "essential in 2022 to support a positive work culture" and were cited as one of the most important wellness trends of 2022.

One of this partnership's most exciting program additions is access to a 24/7 Family Support & Resource Consultation hotline. This will provide employees with immediate, personalized support via a corporate wellness coordinator experienced in assisting people through mental health and substance use disorder crises.

Additionally, a unique service offered with this partnership will give employers access to Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) and the Critical Incident Stress Peer Support Team Model. In the event of a high-stress or traumatic event in the workplace, an experienced team can be deployed to provide CISD and educate key employees on the process. They will gain the knowledge and skill to internally offer critical stress debriefing or defuse after a critical incident. Virtual CISD consults are also available through the partnership. These are provided within hours of the critical incident and offer immediate support and guidance to key members.

"Wellworks For You is excited to expand our relationship with Spirence to broaden the scope of services we can provide to our participants and their Family members in support of their emotional health," says Thomas M. Tegler, President of Wellworks For You. This expansion follows the 2020 launch of WellBalance, Wellworks' in-house mental and emotional wellbeing platform.

"We are honored to work alongside the Wellworks team to deliver innovative behavioral healthcare services specifically designed to support the mental health needs of our nation's workforce.  Our new product line is a nice complement to the existing Wellworks wellbeing programs and, combined, will offer employers a platform with unmatched mental health and wellbeing support for their members", says Mike Holloway, Founder of Spirence. "We are thrilled to finally announce this partnership that has been in the works for quite some time to ensure maximum efficacy and benefit."

About Wellworks
Wellworks For You is a Corporate Wellness and Mental Well-Being Company focusing on high-touch customer service. We provide customized wellness solutions for organizations throughout the world. Our mission to our clients is to provide opportunities for employers to engage in programs focused on the prevention of chronic disease, education, and promotion of a healthier lifestyle with a commitment to high-touch customer service.

About Spirence
Spirence offers a variety of innovative and self-paced behavioral health and wellness solutions designed to improve the overall mental well-being of our nation's workforce.  Delivered by a team of behavioral healthcare experts with hundreds of years of collective direct care experience, Spirence provides an educational mental wellbeing video library, telecoaching, around-the-clock family support, wellness retreats, and more.  Spirence is in partnership with Futures Recovery Healthcare, a nationally-recognized behavioral healthcare provider to deliver a number of the direct care offerings.

About Futures Recovery Healthcare
Futures Recovery Healthcare is an established behavioral health treatment provider that has earned a reputation among referring healthcare professionals and clients as a clinically-focused organization, particularly strong at individualizing treatment to meet client needs.  Futures is accredited by The Joint Commission and dually licensed by The Agency for Health Care Administration and the Department of Children and Families.  Its team of doctors, licensed clinicians, and experienced managers foster a culture of clinical excellence and compassion.  Futures owns and operates a 105-bed luxury residential facility in Tequesta, Florida.

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