Why Mental Health Matters in the Workplace

Mental health in the workplace statistics from 2018 and onward may appear dismal at first glance. What exactly do these stats demonstrate? With poor mental health in the workplace on the rise, employees and employers are seeking ways to tackle burnout, anxiety, and other mental health obstacles they encounter on a day-to-day basis. At Wellworks…

10 Facts You Never Knew About a Wellness Portal

Workplace wellness programs are a valuable way to help employees achieve and maintain their health and wellness goals. Having a program that includes a web-based, 24-hour accessible wellness portal is even better. Wellness portals offer a means of accountability and abundant resources. Wellness program participants can consistently track their steps, how much sleep they’re getting,…

10 Best Foods For Heart Health: Tips You Need to Learn Now

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “heart-healthy diet?” Probably the words “bland,” “boring,” or “blah”. But there’s actually nothing bland or boring about these best foods for heart health—and your choices are abundant and delicious. 10 Foods to Add to Your Heart Healthy Diet Plan According to the Centers for…

A Health Risk Assessment that Yields Real Results

A workplace health risk assessment has the potential to help employees take ownership of their health, protect them from modifiable chronic diseases, and improve their overall wellbeing. Furthermore, health risk assessments have the power to reduce absenteeism, cut health insurance costs, and improve your employee wellness program ROI. Five Hesitations Employers Express When It Comes…

What Is Telemedicine and How Can It Add Value to Your Overall Health?

What is telemedicine? Let’s cut right to the chase: telemedicine—not to be confused with “telehealth”—refers to healthcare that is provided through telecommunication infrastructure. Until fairly recently, telemedicine primarily served patients who lived geographically far from healthcare providers. Now, telemedicine companies have grown exponentially, serving a variety of patient needs. One area in which telemedicine has…

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