Consider this holistic approach to wellness education in corporate lunch and learn topics.

If you’re a company looking for wellness programs, perhaps you’ve thought of including an educational side to encourage employees to continue seeking healthy living and learning more. At Wellworks For You, we’ve found that our corporate “Lunch ‘N Learns” have been a successful and fun way to bring employees together for this very purpose. In this blog we explain the theory behind the program, and offer corporate lunch and learn topics for your company.

The Theory: What are Lunch and Learns?

Corporate lunch and learn topicsA Lunch ‘N Learn is basically an opportunity for the company to gather its employees at lunch and listen to a speaker teach about health – healthy living choices, psychology of food, exercise, nutrition, etc.

Broken down into its basic pieces, a program can be understood in the linear model called the logic model. In ANY logic model, there are 4 essential aspects as you implement your Lunch ‘N Learn:

1.      Resources. What will you need in order to implement the program? Will you offer food for free? Perhaps you can only invest in the speaker for the Lunch ‘N Learn. What associated resources will be important—staff, facilities, etc?

2.      Activities. Simply put, the activities are what you DO in the program. One activity might be teaching, while another might be administering a wellness knowledge test. Keeping track of attendance for incentive purposes is yet another example of an activity included in a Lunch ‘N Learn.

3.      Outputs. It’s a fancy word for the product of your activities, a product which can be measured. You could measure output in terms of number of employees participating or who has gone through a certain number of Lunch ‘N Learns. It might also be measured by a test of knowledge, before and after attending a number of lectures.

4.      Outcomes. An outcome describes the overall effect you hope to have as a result of all the inputs of the program. It does not need to be measureable like an output, but describes a more general, eventual state—your vision, so to speak. What do you hope the Lunch ‘N Learn will accomplish? One outcome might be: “A more knowledgeable and health-conscious workforce that makes choices leading to better health in the long run.”

Corporate Lunch and Learn Topics

And now, what topics could be popular or useful for a corporate Lunch ‘N Learn at your company? Here are some ideas to start off with:

  • Wellness: What is Holistic Health? What is a healthy psychology
  • Nutrition: Which foods are good for heart health?
  • Nutrition: Myth/Facts on eating a balanced meal
  • Nutrition: The pros and cons of different dietary styles: Paleo diet, Vegetarian, Vegan, etc.
  • Nutrition: Tips and tricks to make meals fun and healthy
  • Exercise: How to integrate different types into your life
  • Exercise: Myth/Fact on how much and how intense you should exercise each week
  • Exercise: How to do it if you’re impaired or limited
  • Sexual Health: Health information on different types of contraception

We’re glad to offer you programming implementation for Lunch and learns at your company, providing more corporate lunch and learn topics as appropriate to your needs. Wellworks For You is an experienced and established industry leader, bringing you a holistic experience in wellness for your employees. Cut the health costs and live better with Wellworks For You. Call us at 800.425.4657 or visit our website .