Why Conduct a Corporate Wellness Challenge?

shutterstock 1386278631Corporate wellness programs work best when they include a wide variety of activities for participants to choose from. One way to mix things up is to run a corporate wellness challenge at your workplace. Many of your employees will have a great time when a bit of good-natured competitiveness is added into the daily routine. In an attempt to reach a goal, win a prize or finish first, employees will be so focused on the fun of it all and they may be pleasantly surprised just how healthy they are becoming in the process!

A corporate wellness challenge is doing its job when the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are reached while participants are engaged in an enjoyable and challenging activity.

Keeping it Fun…

At Wellworks For You, we believe that corporate wellness challenges should always be enjoyable and engaging. Finding a balance between a healthy dose of competition and a fun activity is the trick. This balance is not always easy to maintain, but if you are in charge of running a wellness activity in your workplace, there are several ways to design a challenge that will help create this engaging environment right from the start!

  • Create Individual and Team Challenges

People differ in their preferences when it comes to competitive challenges. Some like doing it all on their own and others benefit greatly from teamwork. Both of these preferences can be catered to through corporate wellness challenges. Mix things up and include both types at various times throughout the year.

  • Try a Tournament Style

For both individual and team challenges, a great way to keep things interesting is setting up a tournament style challenge. Creating brackets for people to keep track of progress is an easy and effect way to keep participants engaged. Make it official. Have people or teams come up with names for the duration of the tournament and create multiple rounds of the challenge. By the time the finals come around, the whole office can be excited for the event and the outcome!

  • Invite Other Companies

describe the imageFor some corporations this may not be a viable option, but if the opportunity for including other company’s teams into your challenge is available then seize it! Competing against “outsider” opponents can sometimes positively heighten the intensity levels of a corporate wellness challenge and can create a new sense of camaraderie within your own staff. Including others will also encourage your employees with the knowledge that they are not the only people working towards better health within the context of a corporate program.

For more information on how to set up and manage corporate wellness programs at your work, contact Wellworks for You to find out how we can help!