Technology Solutions

Bring your wellness portal into this century.

Connect your employees to their wellness from anywhere. Wellworks for You is known for its program-specific wellness portal that is tailored to meet the needs of your demographic.

Whether your employees need to upload physician forms, interact with wellness challenges, or engage in new healthy habits, our platforms have it covered. Don’t just take our word for it – explore each option for yourself.

Responsive Desktop Portal

Ensure employees can access their wellness portal easily from any device. The Wellworks for You responsive desktop wellness portal provides a streamlined user experience. Easy navigation keeps features you want your employees to use front and center, increasing engagement and reducing frustration.

Incentive Tracking and Progress

Track activities, review progress, and receive motivational messages.

Educational Courses

Personalized courses for each member based on their health or topics they’re interested in.

Interactive Challenges

Keep wellness challenges fresh and fun with individual or team challenges.

Coaching Dashboard

One-on-one coaching that’s designed to improve lifestyles and build healthy habits.

Measure Engagement

Prove where your wellness program is effective and where it needs work. Wellworks for You provides a comprehensive reporting dashboard with easy to filter data. Enhanced capabilities include administrative reporting and data filtering based on location or division.

Engagement and Participation

View overall engagement and participation in programs including participation, challenges, and more.

Biometric Baseline and Cohort Reporting

See the overall risks of your population and get specific solutions with year over year risk reduction reporting.


Manage population health and gain insights into unseen data, creating opportunities for personalized health.

Employee Mobile Wellness App

Increase employee participation with the Wellworks for You mobile app. Our wellness mobile app allows employees to engage in their wellness programs on their time. We continue to focus on creating a better user experience and ensuring ease of use, meaning there has never been a better time to get started.


Keep team members motivated through team cheering during challenges.


Ensure steps to complete incentives aren’t missed with push notifications.

Gym Visit

Let members check-in and verify gym visits via the app and GPS capabilities.

Activity and Nutrition Tracking

Track activities and nutrition directly on the app or through a fitness device.