What is a Wellness Champion Network and Why it May be the Right Choice for You

What is a Wellness Champion Network and Why it May be the Right Choice for You

Strong leadership is a proven marker of success for wellness programs, and great companies know that exemplary leadership drives engagement and boosts program participation.

Human Resources and brokers are involved when creating a wellness program. However, participant feedback can get lost in the mix as a program goes on. A wellness champion network can be the “boots on the ground” for a wellness program’s planning and leadership.

What is a Wellness Champion Network?    

A wellness champion network is another wellness solution offered by Wellworks for You. It is an individual or group of employees passionate about health and wellness who want to assist their coworkers in doing the same. These individuals are relied upon to spread the word about the wellness program. They engage with participants in person or virtually, gain peer insight, and aid in wellness program development.

What does a Wellness Champion Network do?

Wellness Champions aid HR, client brokers, and the wellness coordinator by being participants' additional contact points. By making themselves available to their coworkers, the wellness champion can gain program insight that otherwise would not have been shared with management.

How are they chosen?

Wellworks recommends making the wellness champion network a volunteer opportunity for employees and participants.

Wellworks believes in assisting clients in every way possible. We can assist in recruiting participants to join the network at each step. This process includes customized marketing materials, such as a recruitment email and flyer. We will then assist with setting scheduled calls, help withdriving the conversation, and initiate feedback.

What are the responsibilities of a Wellness Champion Network?

The wellness champion role typically lasts one year. During this year, the wellness champion network is expected to meet with HR, brokers, and the wellness coordinator monthly or quarterly to review feedback, discuss new ideas, and review aggregate engagement reporting. Their insight allows for program changes that can boost participation and participant satisfaction.

What type of group would benefit from a wellness champion?

A wellness champion network is a great idea for groups looking to nurture a robust wellness program with practical components and high participation. Creating a wellness champion network allows groups to continue to grow their involvement based on participant feedback, helping the wellness program evolve with the interests of the participants. This type of leadership is an excellent option for larger companies looking to stay in touch with the interests of their employees.

A wellness champion network can be as large or as small as necessary, depending on the size of the group. A company with less than 50 employees may only require one wellness champion, whereas a company with 100 or more employees may need a larger network. An extensive network becomes even more critical for groups with more than one office location. Depending on the size of each, Wellworks typically recommends one wellness champion per location.

A wellness champion network may be the right direction for you if you want to increase participation in your wellness program. If you are currently running a wellness program with Wellworks for You, contact your wellness coordinator for details on how a wellness champion network may be the right choice!

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