Wellworks For You Launches Wellness Made Easy: Wellness Programs Simplified

Wellworks For You Launches Wellness Made Easy: Wellness Programs Simplified

Wellworks For You is proud to announce the launch of our Wellness Made Easy programs.  

Wellness Made Easy is a compilation of prepackaged wellness programs. Our expert team designed these programs using what years of data have found to be the most effective components of a successful wellness program.  

The Making of Wellness Made Easy

Since Wellworks For You launched in 2009, we’ve been at the forefront of the wellness industry. In that time, we have grown with experience to offer comprehensive, industry-leading programs and services that fit businesses of all sizes, making us a leader in fully customized wellness programs.  

The Wellness Made Easy programs were developed based on almost fifteen years of experience, data, research, and a new foundation that, in the right hands, starting a corporate wellness program can be simple and easy. From there, our expert team designed four wellness programs with straightforward pricing and created them to be ready to hit the ground running.  

Wellness Made Easy Program Options

Accelerate Plus: Prepackaged Comprehensive Wellness Programs

Accelerate Plus was created with the most effective and popular components of a standard wellness program. With this program, groups can implement a fully comprehensive wellness program quickly and easily. These components include:

  • A Custom Wellness Portal
  • Biometric Screening Results Tracking
  • Learning & Engagement Center
  • Management of Two Wellness Challenges
  • KYN Know Your Number

Live Simply: Mental Wellness

Live Simply was designed to make providing a mental health and wellness program simple and accessible. This program offers valuable mental health tools, resources, and education.  

This includes:

• Aiberry Assessment

• On-Demand Engagement and Learning Center

• Resiliency Tools

• Unlimited Wellness Challenges  

• Optional Behavioral Coaching

Preventive Care Plus

The best way to prevent disease is to detect it before it begins. The Preventive Care Plus package was designed using four types of proven preventive care.  

Implement an easy but integral part of every wellness program with this package. This program option includes:

  • Physician Form Tracking
  • Age & Gender Screenings
  • Tobacco Affidavit Tracking
  • 6-Week Tobacco Cessation Course


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  • CDL Expiration Reminders
  • Certification Reporting
  • Long Form DOT Tracking
  • Licensed Nurse Advocacy
  • Text-Based Coaching

Wellness Made Easy is our solution to the decision fatigue that can come with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These programs are straightforward, prepackaged, pre-priced, and designed by experts. The biggest decisions have already been made. The only thing left is choosing the best option for each unique population.  

Interested in learning more about these programs? Click here to book a demo with a member of our sales team.  
Kellie O'Keefe
Kellie O'Keefe

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