Wellworks For You Acquires Orthus Health, LLC to Provide an All-In-One Corporate Wellness Solution

Wellworks For You Acquires Orthus Health, LLC to Provide an All-In-One Corporate Wellness Solution

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Wellworks For You, a global health and wellbeing management and technology company, announced today they have acquired the assets of Orthus Health, LLC. This combination will provide an optimized, clinically oriented wellness solution for their clients and partners. It also expands the range of products and services available to its customers to include the Know Your Number Health Risk Assessment, Data Analytics for medical and pharmacy claims, a comprehensive diabetes management platform, and COVID vaccination and symptom tracking software.

Together, they will provide a single integrated solution for corporate population health management and support for mental wellbeing, supplement employee wellness programs as well as offering customizable features to streamline and improve the user experience. Through an interactive portal and easy-to-use mobile, employees will have access to personalized one-on-one health coaching from registered nurse specialists, individual and team challenges designed for the company, activity tracking and check-ins, lifestyle and behavioral advice and education, and much more.

Using sophisticated health data analytics, Wellworks and Orthus Health together can identify at-risk individuals for targeted intervention and support to help prevent the emergence of common chronic conditions, as well as avoid complications in those living with diabetes and other health issues.

Also available are specialized programs such as Orthus Health for Diabetes, which help make condition management simple by connecting users with tools and expertise tailored to their unique needs.

“The current health environment has highlighted how critically advantageous it is for employers to be health and wellness-minded when it comes to supporting employees,” said Thomas Tegler, Wellworks For You President. “We have found a partner in Orthus Health that fundamentally understands our dedication to employee health outcomes. As a combined company, we will be able to offer enhanced solutions to help employers forecast their population’s health risks accurately, and to deploy strategies to lower risk and reduce costs.”

About Wellworks
Wellworks For You is a Corporate Wellness and Mental Wellbeing Company focusing on high touch customer service. We provide customized wellness solutions for organizations throughout the world. Our mission to our clients is to provide opportunities for employers to engage in programs focused on the prevention of chronic disease, education, and promotion of a healthier lifestyle with a commitment to participant engagement.

About Orthus Health
Since its founding in 2017, Orthus Health has also provided employers with industry-leading wellness technology, population health management and data analytics solutions. Orthus Health offers tools that save employers money by enhancing the health of their employee population. By seamlessly combining data, analytical science and clinical expertise, Orthus Health pinpoints at-risk individuals, gives them the support they need to modify behaviors, driving the greatest impact on employee health and employer savings.

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Kimberly Scott
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