Five Simple and Innovative Ideas For Health Fairs

Five Simple and Innovative Ideas For Health Fairs

Employers seeking to inspire wellness in the workplace should consider hosting a health fair to create an atmosphere of encouragement, support, and excitement. At Wellworks For You, we specialize in ideas for health fairs that will encourage employees to take ownership of their health. In addition, these health fairs cultivate environments of wellness integrity and trust between employees and employers. Take a look at a few great ways to boost wellness awareness, specifically in a work environment.

Five Ideas for Health Fairs Employers Are Eager to Incorporate

Hosting a health fair actually allows employers tremendous flexibility in time, themes, and wellness offerings. Typically, employers utilize health fairs as onsite events that allow employees to take advantage of preventative health services such as blood pressure screenings, body composition readings, and biometrics.

In addition to offering health screenings, health fairs can serve as a center of support between health-conscious individuals and a place for educational opportunities. Take a look at five ideas for health fairs that will empower employees to pursue best health practices while raising participation rates in employee wellness programs.

  1. Family-Focused Health
    Include education and health activities that would interest attendees of all ages. Employees will appreciate a family-oriented event that invites family members to participate. For example, have vendors provide child-oriented activities such as coloring sheets, activities, and small prizes at each station. Also consider incorporating wellness challenges the entire family can enjoy such as hula-hoop and dancing contests.
  2. Action Packed Wellness
    Invite wellness vendors to include “mini” interactive stations with small-scale wellness challenges. Center the entire theme on taking action.
  3. Health-Happy Coloring
    Color: what better way to attract attention at an energetic health event? Use color to coincide with healthy foods and nutritional information during the fair. You can also use association and awareness ribbon colors to represent vendors specializing in heart health, diabetes prevention, and breast cancer awareness.
  4. Stress be Gone
    Employers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of stress in the workplace. Offer employees a de-stress day with chair massages, yoga, and breathing techniques. Include stress-management resources and takeaways designed for work and home.
  5. Brain Power
    In addition to the damaging effects of stress, people are becoming more aware of the importance of mental health and wellness. Host a health fair that provides tips, solutions, and information on anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses.

More Ideas for Health Fair Themes, Strategies, and Planning

If you’d like to increase participation in your employee wellness program and boost the overall morale and culture for employees in your work environment, Wellworks For You can be of service. In addition to helping businesses plan and execute health fairs, Wellworks For You offers diverse health and wellness programs that make a difference in the lives of both employees and employers alike.

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