4 of the Best Surveys for Workplace Mental Health

4 of the Best Surveys for Workplace Mental Health

Wellworks is proud to be a mental wellbeing partner with Mindyra. This partnership allows us to provide workplace mental health solutions. Our partner, Mindyra, offers several tools based within the WellBalance program.

Knowing where to begin when addressing employee mental health can be difficult, but Wellworks is here to break down those barriers. The first step to understanding employee mental health is identifying the unique needs of your employees. Mindyra offers the tools you need to not only identify your population’s needs but how to track their progress and know when to provide support.

We broke down the 4 Best Workplace Mental Health Surveys to help you understand where to start, how to track progress, and lastly where to provide tools and support.

Where to start with workplace mental health

Wellbeing Index Survey

The Wellbeing Index Survey is a brief questionnaire that employees can fill out. It provides their employer with a better understanding of the unique needs of the company population. Although the individual answers are confidential, the report provides employers with the overall mental health trends of their population across four key areas:

  • Total Wellbeing
  • Mental Welling
  • Physical Welling
  • Social Wellbeing

The Wellbeing Index Survey aims to provide insight to employers for the purpose of aligning their healthcare benefits and wellbeing program offerings with the needs of their employees.

How can employers track progress?

Care Progress Survey

The Care Progress Survey is a 5-minute survey that employees may take at the beginning and end of their WellBalance program while serving a two-fold purpose.

For the employee, this survey gives them an understanding of their functionality and productivity as they go through their wellness program. It also serves as a benchmark for their progress amongst four (4) key areas of functionality:

  • Family
  • Self-Care
  • Work/School
  • Friends/Recreation

The Care Progress Survey provides employers with reporting regarding the efficacy of their wellness program. This reporting is de-identified, aggregated reporting that provides a better understanding of how the wellness program is working as well as employee satisfaction.

Tools and support for workplace mental health

M9 Survey

The M9 Survey is a 9-question mental health survey that identifies the areas in which the employee may be experiencing difficulty. These areas range from anxiety and depression to substance abuse and trauma.

Once completed, the employee is provided unique information based on survey responses. This information includes varying resources for the employee’s needs while considering the engagement the employee wants. These resources range from education and self-help to the option to connect with a professional.

Mind Health Survey

Employees can select that they would like to connect with a professional. This selection will direct them to the Mind Health Survey.

The Mind Health Survey is a 10-minute, clinically-based questionnaire that rules out the presence of up to 74 mental health conditions. The survey serves as a diagnostic tool for the professional with whom the employee is connected. Survey responses may be used to provide insight into the employee’s difficulties before the first session.

Upon completion of the survey, employees are able to schedule their appointment.  

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