According to recent studies, 86% of workplace wellness programs offer incentives. Employee Wellness Program incentives can often be tailored to involve cash rewards, premium discounts, and more. At Wellworks For You, we recognize that individuals are motivated differently, which is why we developed a collection of customizable program strategies for the workplace. Offering employees the right kind of incentives and program structures can help increase participation in overall health and wellness activities, boost morale, and even reduce absenteeism. Check out five wellness program structures to increase employee involvement and add value to your workplace wellness program.

Five Motivating, Customizable Workplace Wellness Program Structures

Implementing the appropriate workplace wellness structure has the potential to not only increase participation in an employee wellness program, but it may also encourage employees to maintain participation. Studies have shown that the more comprehensive and customizable a corporate wellness program can be, the better the results. To help you discover what type of wellness structure would work best for your company’s culture, take a look at five results-based options:

  1. Points-based
    One of the most successful program structures in workplace wellness is a points-based structure. First, create an overall points goal that the participants have to achieve (for example, 100 points). Then, associate points to each program activity, such as wellness challenges (10 points), preventative screenings (20 points), and health assessments (30 points). Once the employees earn the points goal, they earn the incentive.
  2. Monetary-based
    Studies demonstrate that several workplace wellness programs have been bolstered by associating a monetary value to each wellness activity. This is similar to the points-based program, but instead of points, each activity has a monetary value associated with it.
  3. Outcomes-based
    An outcomes-based incentive program typically involves employees meeting a set of health standards. If and when the health goals are reached, employees receive a reward.
  4. Tiered incentive programs
    Typically associated with points-based programs, tiered incentives may offer a range of rewards (cash, vacation time, dress-down days, etc.) based on the completion of certain milestones.
  5. Participatory
    Employers are often seeking ways to leverage employee participation in their corporate wellness programs. Basing incentives on participation can be a successful and quantifiable way to gauge employees interest and involvement in workplace wellness programs and activities.

Looking for More Corporate Wellness Incentives?

Wellworks For You not only specializes in helping companies of all shapes and sizes to implement wellness programs in the workplace, but we also offer diverse and comprehensive wellness programs that encourage participation and improve overall health and wellness.

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