Wellworks For You To Offer New Employee Mental Wellbeing Product

Wellworks For You To Offer New Employee Mental Wellbeing Product

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The WellBalance program is scheduled to launch in January 2020

Mental health disorders are among the most burdensome health concerns in the United States. The World Health Organization has found that investing in mental wellness is worth it, as for every $1 put into scaled up treatment for common mental disorders, there is a ROI of $4 in improved health and productivity. A 2019 survey by Mental Health America found that 66% of workers reported that workplace issues negatively affect their sleep and 24% of workers have taken time off because of stress.

Due to these alarming statistics Wellworks For You has developed a new program that focuses on the overall mental well-being of employees. Over the course of 10 months, participants, through the white-labeled WellBalance Portal, will complete a comprehensive mental wellbeing plan of action. To start, participants will complete a preprogram survey followed by the MindQ mental wellbeing assessment. The assessment will assess workplace effectiveness, productivity, absenteeism, presenteeism and health. The additional components will include, Knowledge 8, a video and e-learning series for the 8 pillars of wellness that includes quizzes, education and interactive gamification. In our Focus5 component, participants focus their energy on specific areas of personal interest to improve overall mental health and perspective of daily life through journaling and action plans. The next component, Wholesome Habits will allow you to apply your wellbeing knowledge. Over eight weeks, participants will have to complete a minimum of 20 healthy habits and self-report to complete the program.  The ten-month program is finalized with a survey for final personal reporting on improvements.

Several other resources will be available to employees such as a Mental Wellbeing Library that provides an expansive library of articles, quizzes, videos and education. Mindful Messaging keeps participants engaged in their program through emails, text messages and both portal pop-up and banner notifications.

WellBalance can also be supplemented with an Employee Assistance Program, to assist them in various areas of their health, mental and emotional wellbeing including personal problems and work-related problems that may impact their job.  The program is available to all family members including access to personalized coaching, assessments, resources and multiple levels of education. Additional supplemental options include a financial wellness platform that includes tools that provide a personalized individual analysis and goal-setting report. Based upon your personal results, targeted videos and documents will populate within your own page with the ability to opt-in for push notifications to even further your financial wellbeing knowledge.


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About Wellworks For You

Wellworks For You is a Corporate Wellness and Mental Well-Being Management Company, headquartered in Frazer, PA., focusing on high touch customer service. We provide customized wellness solutions for organizations throughout the world.

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