Implementing incentive management to your employee wellness program provides several advantages for both employees and employers. The question for many businesses seeking to establish an incentive management plan is, “What type of workplace wellness program yields the most benefits?” The short answer is a wellness incentive management system that is flexible and customizable. But how can you create this wellness incentive management plan to achieve the healthiest workplace possible?

What Types of Incentives for Employees Work Best?

The best incentive management programs match the needs of both the company and its employees. A comprehensive platform that is scalable and quantifiable typically yields the best results. Wellworks For You, for example, offers three incentive management programs that are customizable, measurable, and based on:

  • Points
  • Money
  • Outcomes
  • Tiered Incentive
  • Participation

These elements are likely to ensure the success of a wellness incentive management program:

  • Incentive-Management Efficient Implementation and Process

An incentive management program’s prosperity hinges on how well the procedures are launched, communicated, and monitored. There should always be a point person and tracking system in place.

  • Ongoing Employee Feedback

Are employees participating in incentive-based wellness programs such as wellness challenges, health risk assessments, and health coaching? If not, send out a quick, private online survey to find out how employees feel each program could be improved.

  • Transparent Involvement of Employers

The more employers play an active role in the wellness culture and activities, the better chance they’ll have of gaining the trust and participation of employees.

The Benefits of Health and Wellness Incentive Management Programs

The proper incorporation and vigilance of wellness management incentive plans have the potential to lead to several advantages for employers and employees, including:

Additional studies have demonstrated that wellness incentive management programs tailored to a specific health goal such as weight loss or smoking cessation have greater outcomes than non-incentive based plans.

Making Wellness Incentive Management Easy to Do with Wellworks For You

At Wellworks for You, we specialize in customizing incentive management programs that can be tracked to meet the specific needs of your workspace. We do this through Biometric Screenings, Health Coaching Calls, Wellness Challenges, Fitness Classes and more.

If you’d like additional examples of management incentives to promote health and wellness, or would like to speak with one of our Wellworks For You specialists, click here to get started or call us at 800-425-4657.