Health Risk Assessments

Wellworks For You offers a variety of assessments to fit the needs of your organization – from general health risk to risk stratifying to well-being assessments – Wellworks has you covered!

Know Your Number® Risk Stratification Assessment

Know Your Number is an evidenced-based health risk assessment and education tool, which evaluates an individual’s risk for 9 of the most costly, modifiable chronic diseases. A simple report displays an individual’s disease risk and a peer risk comparison. The primary focus of the Know Your Number assessment is modifiable disease risk or the risk that can be minimized with changes to behaviors and healthier lifestyle choices. This risk is graphically displayed to show the impact of each modifiable risk factor.

TRALE Health Risk Assessment

TRALE’s health risk assessment tool enables individuals to obtain feedback on general health risks. The assessment covers a variety of areas, including nutrition, tobacco use, vehicle safety, physical activity, alcohol use, stress and depression, current health, women’s and men’s health, and Biometric measures (e.g. weight, height, blood pressure, cholesterol).

MindQ Mental Health Risk Assessment

The MindQ Mental Health Risk Assessment assesses the risk of exhibiting problems shown to have a negative impact on health and workplace effectiveness criteria such as productivity, absenteeism, and presenteeism. Three distinct areas of risk are assessed: well-being, stress coping, and emotional health.