Account Management

Account Management



Your dedicated wellness team is your point of contact for all aspects of your program. We actively take an interest in our client’s success, adding value by understanding your specific wellness program requirements, incentives and goals & building a longstanding partnership. We will work with you in customizing an incentive program to fit your demographics needs and tailor a wellness program to include all wellness events and goals participants need to achieve throughout the wellness year to earn the incentive.

Your wellness team takes a proactive approach in managing your program by anticipating potential issues or providing support to improve the success of your wellness program. Our comprehensive, HIPAA compliant reporting system allows both individual and corporate reporting to track the success of your wellness program. We provide monthly reporting and analysis to see how we can improve participation and in addition, Wellworks For You will provide comprehensive year-end reporting for program and event participation, incentive eligibility and more!

Our success is your success! We have an amazing team of support staff, IT and leadership behind us to make sure each and every wellness program is a success.


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The key to a successful wellness program is engagement. The key to engagement is communication! Wellworks For You offers a variety of communication strategies to keep your participants informed, educated and active.

  • Automated Phone Messaging – Wellworks will send custom automated messages via phone to participants of the program.
  • Targeted Communications – Wellworks will send targeted notifications to users based on sign-up/participation status, including incentive eligibility, upcoming events and more. Delivery methods include email, text message, portal popup and portal scrolling banner.
  • Program Reminders – Wellworks will send program and event reminders via email to all eligible members throughout the year.
  • Customized Marketing Materials – Wellworks For You will provide custom traditional and digital marketing materials for your program throughout the year. Options include posters, flyers, emails, brochures, postcards, and payroll stuffers.
  • Monthly Wellness Newsletter – Each month, Wellworks distributes our wellness newsletter to all Wellworks members. Topics generally align with monthly health observances and also include recipes, health and wellness tips and more.
  • Print and Ship Materials – Wellworks will print and ship marketing brochures, postcards, flyers, etc. directly to the employees.
  • Video Production – Wellworks can create custom videos outlining the details of your wellness program, including requirements, incentives, etc.