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Let our Wellness Portal be the one stop solution for your employees to engage in their wellness program. From personalized incentive management and tracking, fitness device integration, health and mental wellbeing assessments, employee risk strategy, to e-learning with health coaching; our wellness portal provides your employees with a comprehensive, user-friendly interface and mobile app to track their success throughout their wellness program.


Our innovative and proprietary technology enables us to provide customized experiences for each of our clients via web, tablet, and mobile app. Our Wellness Portal can be branded with your company’s logo, color scheme, content, and custom wellness program services. The Portal is a one stop solution for every all things wellness, from Health Risk Assessments to wearable device syncing to incentive progress tracking and more.



Wellworks For You offers a variety of assessments to fit the needs of your organization – from general health risk to risk stratifying to well-being assessments – Wellworks has you covered!

  • Know Your Number® Risk Stratification Assessment
  • TRALE Health Risk Assessment
  • MindQ Mental Health Risk Assessment


Preventative medicine is crucial for any Wellness Program and is at the core of the Wellworks For You program model. Prevention leads to lower healthcare costs and healthier employees by discovering and addressing diseases before they become chronic. This is a great way to keep your participants healthy and educated regarding their personal health. Wellworks For You offers a variety of options to keep your employees engaged in preventive care:

  • Onsite biometric screenings (veni, finger stick, microtube)
  • Lab Voucher Programs
  • Physician Results Form tracking and reporting
  • At-home kits
  • Supplemental preventive screening form tracking
  • Onsite Preventive Screenings (BP, Chair Massages, Vision, etc.)
  • Vaccination Clinics (Flu, TB, and Pneumonia)


The Wellworks For You health coaching philosophy utilizes techniques and methodology from the health belief model and the transtheoretical model. Our Health Coaches will work with your employees to set goals and facilitate change leading to lower healthcare costs, reduced absenteeism, and decreased workers’ compensation premiums. Wellworks offers various coaching models to meet the goals of each client: onsite, email and telephonic programs are available.



Wellworks For You understands that convenience is necessary when trying to engage an entire employee population. That is why we offer onsite health educations as well as resources that are available anytime through our Wellness Portal. Wellworks will educate with targeted e-Learning Series and Webinars based upon health risk, as well as onsite Lunch and Learn Presentations. Our education resources include tobacco cessation, weight management, stress management, nutrition and many others.



Implementing a corporate challenge for your employees through Wellworks For You allows you to design a challenge around the needs of your organization. Wellworks offers customization and flexibility within an array of challenge types, including walking, weight management, and healthy habits tracking. Our gamification technology makes challenges easy for both administrators and participants.




Wellworks For You has a dedicated Account Management Team for each of our clients to provide them with the highest level of customer service and customization for their company’s unique needs. Each Wellworks For You client works with a day-to-day Wellness Coordinator to run the Wellness Program, a Senior Manager to oversee the success of the program, an administrative team to provide customer services to participants, and a marketing team to provide customized program materials and communications.


The key to a successful wellness program is engagement and the key to engagement is communication! Wellworks For You offers a variety of communication strategies to keep your participants informed, educated, and engaged.

  • Automated Phone Messaging
  • Targeted Communications
  • Program Reminders
  • Customized Electronic Marketing
  • Monthly Wellness Newsletter
  • Print and Ship Materials
  • Texting Platform
  • Video Production


Our comprehensive reporting system allows Wellworks For You and our clients to run both individual and corporate reporting to track the ongoing success of your Wellness Program. Access to HIPAA compliant reporting on all features of our Wellness Programs are available on-demand through the reporting dashboard. Employers and participants will benefit from our comprehensive aggregate reports, risk stratification, and analysis of health issues within the employee population for programs such as Health Risk Assessments, detected disease and conditions, accomplished progress, calculated Return on Investment, and projected claims savings.


By utilizing our health management tools, Wellworks For You will provide a comprehensive outreach program for those participants identified as high risk via integrated medical and pharmacy claims and identify participants whose lives can be improved through early intervention. Our objective is to provide access for participants to programs that promote a healthier lifestyle and promote quality of care and life.

Healthcare Cost Reductions

You’ve heard the saying “Knowledge is power.” At Wellworks For You we believe this is especially true when it comes to your health. We stress the importance of preventative medicine and empower our clients to become aware of their health status through the power of knowledge.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), seven out of ten U.S. deaths are caused by chronic disease, while roughly half of the country’s population has been diagnosed with a chronic illness, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, AIDS, or other conditions classified by the medical community as preventable. Proactivity and awareness are key to lowering these rates and ultimately the healthcare costs that go along with them.

Wellworks For You can bring nurses and health coaches onsite to your worksites to provide your employees with the tools they need to learn and understand their health status. Onsite services include full biometric screenings with lab work, vaccination clinics, preventive tests, and even routine exams. Wellworks also works closely with many lab facilities and pharmacy clinics nationally to ensure even the most remote of locations has access to preventive care. Call Wellworks For You today to set-up a demo and let us show your employees how knowledge truly is power!

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