Top 5 Corporate Wellness Incentives For Real Life

While getting fit and feeling healthy may seem like their own rewards, many employers like to offer their employees other perks for participating in their company’s wellness program.

Corporate wellness incentives could be just what you need to motivate and and engage employees who have been avoiding signing up.

There are several types of employee incentive programs, and each has its own benefits. You will likely be able to use each one at some point in your wellness program.

  • corporate wellness incentivesParticipation Incentives: The most inclusive type of incentive rewards people simply for signing up and encourages participation.
  • Progress Incentives: This type of incentive requires active participation, as it rewards employees for making progress towards their wellness goals.
  • Outcome Based Incentives: The most exclusive type of wellness program incentive only rewards employees who have met a certain type of criteria. For example, losing a certain percentage of their body fat, or participating in a biometric screening.

You may think that corporate wellness incentives are out of your program’s budget, but think again! A good incentive doesn’t need to break the bank to be effective. So while your company may not be able to send wellness challenge winners on a cruise, you can still provide your employees with some perks.

5 Easy, Affordable Corporate Wellness Incentives:

  1. Reach Out: Chances are, you already have contacts at many local businesses who would be willing to offer free or discounted services to your employees.
  2. Give a Shout Out: A little recognition goes a long way. When one of your employees completes a challenge or meets a goal, give them a “shout-out” on your company’s newsletter or social media accounts.
  3. Flextime: If practical for your company, consider offering flextime. Allowing a more flexible work schedule is one of the most effective employee incentives.
  4. Workout at Work: Organize a yoga class, or participate in a group charity walk as a company. As extra motivation, set up a workout space for wellness program participants to use.
  5. Party: Perhaps the best wellness incentive idea is to simply celebrate. Give everyone a chance to relax and mingle, and celebrate meeting wellness goals.

Which of these corporate wellness incentives seem like the best fit for your office? For help implementing these incentives, or for more ideas on motivating employees, give us a call at Wellworks For You.