Explore the Advantages of Corporate Wellness Apps

Explore the Advantages of Corporate Wellness Apps

Peek Inside the Wellworks For You Wellness App and Wellness Portal

Smart devices can help achieve our health and wellness goals, but what’s even more valuable is access to smarter, health apps. At Wellworks For You, our technology-based corporate wellness platforms are user-friendly and multi-faceted, without being complicated. We believe in providing corporate wellness apps that are easy and intuitive to use for both employers and employees—offering measurable, lasting results.

Wellworks For You provides digital wellness platforms that invite improved wellness in the workplace. How? By making corporate wellness technology more accessible than ever.

Employee wellness begins with one touch on an iPhone or Android smart device for the Wellworks For You App. Or, a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet for the Wellness Portal.

Wellworks For You Smartphone App Features: 

  1. Private/Secure Profile
  2. Incentive Tracking and Progress
  3. Health Risk Assessment
  4. Wellness Challenge Leaderboard
  5. Healthy Habits Gamification
  6. Health Library
  7. Fitness and Nutrition Tracking
  8. Health Metrics Tracker
  9. Even More!

Additional advantages of the Wellworks For You corporate wellness platform include comprehensive communication capabilities and an employee wellness tracking software. This means that everyone in the workplace remains connected to the most current health and wellness information!

And, employers can help measure and improve the success of their wellness program.

Additional features you will find in our tailored health communication and wellness program apps:

  1. Extensive Communications Pathways: Portal pop-up messages, videos, text messaging, email, home mailings, phone calls, and notifications Inbox.
  2. Easy Incentive Progress Tracking
  3. Helpful Biometric Results Education
  4. Interactive Health Coaching
  5. Chronic Conditions Solutions
  6. In-depth Demographics
  7. Age-Appropriate Health Screenings
  8. Personalized Health Improvement Plan

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