Health, Fitness & Corporate Wellness Apps that Rock the Casbah!

There are no shortage of health and fitness apps in the world. Isn’t that fantastic?

It means that encouragement, accountability and support for health and wellness are literally right at our fingertips.

With that said, how do we know what qualifies as ‘the best’ in health, fitness and/or corporate wellness apps? Let’s look at three examples that do the job nicely.

corporate wellness appsFit Bit – this app tracks your daily steps, calories and distance to help meet your fitness goals. It combines the joy of daily accomplishment with the motivation of a set goal.

iHealth – Evernote joined forces with iHealth to bring you an app that stores your personal health stats – blood pressure, body weight, height measurements and more, and allows users to track and set goals for daily food consumption and activities.

Sworkit – imagine a personal trainer inside an app. With over 200 pro-trainer workouts to choose from, that’s exactly what Sworkit is, and it can be tailor-made to help give each individual what they need to meet their goals.

Okay, now get ready to have your personal Casbah rocked!

Did you know that Wellworks For You is among the elite in corporate wellness apps? This Wellness Portal App for iPhone and Android users combines the best features of all the best in health, fitness and nutrition apps. Wellworks’ Wellness Portal can even sync to some of your favorite existing wellness apps. That’s only the tip of the iceberg!

As promised, here are 11 other reasons why the Wellness Portal rocks:

The Wellworks For You Wellness Portal App includes:

  • Step and calorie tracking
  • Wellness toolbox for personalized and individualized employee PDF’s & videos
  • A “WellBalance” interactive fitness and nutrition planner
  • A “WellTrek” interactive pedometer program (USB/Pedometer compatible)
  • An email notification system
  • Rewards Platform Plus WW4U Visa Debit Card Program
  • Weekly healthy recipes & grocery list
  • Personal health risk assessments and wellness calculators
  • Monthly trivia questions (with prizes!)
  • Personal wellness journal
  • Incentive tracking system

Nothing is more powerful than a healthy workplace, except maybe a workplace that strives to be healthy together. Download the Wellworks For You Wellness Portal App today!