Did you know that statistics demonstrate that there is a surplus of 100,000 health-related apps available on the market? This information is invaluable to employers who either have or are looking to implement corporate wellness apps into a corporate wellness program. The previously mentioned numbers reflect that people are seeking health and wellness tools that are convenient and instantly accessible on their smartphone. Not only can offering employees a digital outlet for getting healthy help them strive for wellness in the workplace, it can promote savings in healthcare, produce a healthier work environment, and more for the employer.

How Can Corporate Wellness Apps Positively Impact the Workplace?

Studies have shown that 90% of mobile user time is spent on apps. For employees who lead busy lives inside the workplace and out, doesn’t it make sense to offer them an outlet that allows 24-hour access that is also capable of producing real-time wellness metrics and results? Yes! In return, employers enjoy possible benefits which include:

  • Reduction in workplace absenteeism
  • Increase in savings and ROI
  • Rise in employee morale
  • More employee participation in corporate health and wellness
  • Improvement in employee productivity

Sound too good to be true? Can one app really provide such far-reaching benefits to both employee and employer? See for yourself:

The Wellworks For You workplace health app is accessible 24 hours a day, any time, any place, and includes the following features:

  • Wellness Program Event Announcements
    Since the Wellworks For You smartphone app is completely customizable to each individual company, HR departments can constantly keep employees informed of the latest corporate wellness programs, events, and wellness challenges.
  • Incentive Tracking
    Employees can view their program progress and incentive goals directly in the app.
  • Wellness Toolbox
    The Wellworks For You Wellness Toolbox contains health and wellness forms, documents, and videos for employees to easily access.
  • Fitness and Nutrition Dashboard
    Users can track their steps, weight, water, activity, and more right from their phone.
  • Health Metrics Tracking
    When a health metric needs to be entered or viewed, an employee has instant access to optimize his/her overall health and wellness goals and stay on track.
  • Wellness Challenge Leaderboards
    Individuals and teams can consistently see where they stand in workplace wellness challenges.
  • Device and App Integration
    The Wellworks For You smartphone app integrates with Apple Watch, Google Fit, and more to make keeping track of steps, sleep, water intake, and more a snap.
  • Recipes and Grocery Lists
    Meal planning is no longer a frustration for the employee who is low on time and resources. The Wellworks For You variety of recipes accompanied with shopping lists makes meal planning simple and quick.

A Wellness App That Makes A Difference In the Workplace

An integrative employee wellness program doesn’t simply promote better health and wellness practices in the workplace—it creates positive habits and routines that can be implemented into everyday living. Additionally, corporate wellness apps can perpetuate the consistency and communication you’ve been seeking to help boost your corporate wellness program.

If you’ve been looking for the best office fitness apps and top corporate wellness apps only to come up short, Wellworks For You has just what you need. As a provider of comprehensive corporate wellness programs and a fully-integrative health and wellness smartphone app, we help promote accountability, efficiency, and participation in employee wellness programs.

If you’d like to know more about the Wellworks For You wellness mobile app or our additional corporate health and wellness options click here or call us today, 800-425-4657. We look forward to discovering how we can help promote a happy, healthy, and productive workplace for your company.