What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the word “wellness?” Exercise? Healthy diet? Stress reduction?

Wellness can have many different definitions, but a general definition is achieving a healthy balance in physical, mental and spiritual health. Wellworks For You helps companies across the globe to learn how to achieve total wellness and easily integrate healthy and realistic practices into the daily work and home life of employees while helping employers like you to save time, money and reduce absenteeism.

How To Achieve Total Wellness and a More Positive Workplace

Achieve Total WellnessStudies have demonstrated that having a comprehensive wellness program can encourage preventative health practices, improve workplace morale and more. At Wellworks For You, we have a number of convenient options to encourage employee participation and increase goal achievement. Our easily-accessible wellness portal offers a variety of advantages to help employees stay on target.

Encourage employees to strive for better health by implementing these steps today:

  1. Define Health and Wellness Goals – Encourage employees to take the time to list no more than two realistic health-oriented goals per week. It’s easy to want to do so much, but we don’t always have the strength and ability to achieve everything we want to all at once. And emphasize realistic goals. Taking a walk during a lunch break is better than never getting around to that evening run.
  2. Write Your Motivation – Challenge employees to declare their purpose for practicing healthier habits. Perhaps it’s a matter of difficulty in weight management. Or, maybe it’s an issue of being overwhelmed with anxiety or depression, or a need to improve overall quality of life. Whatever the motivations are behind the goals, keep the motivations visible: let them be a catalyst for change and action every day.
  3. Devise a Plan and Get Started – Once goals and motivation are on paper, it’s time to create a plan and take the first steps towards following it. Is an employee in need of a physical trainer to help him/her get started? Maybe a therapist can help discuss issues that are causing difficulty at work or home. Sometimes all we need to do is learn how to schedule our time better so that our commitments can be better organized and not cause unnecessary stress. Whatever the goals, encourage employees to devise a plan for each one – and break them down into real, achievable steps.
  4. Keep a Journal – According to Dr. Andrea Pennington, journaling or charting progress is a key to how to achieve total wellness. When you encourage employees to journal, you’re providing them an opportunity to look back at their progress and develop confidence that will overflow into every area of their life, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.
  5. Celebrate Success – This is not just a one-time party, this is an everyday occurrence. As employees track their progress, acknowledge it alongside them. Celebrate their successes by initiating some type of reward – paying for a healthy, delicious lunch, extending extra paid time off or offering a discounted gym membership.

In looking at how to achieve total wellness, it’s important to remember that comprehensive wellness can only be achieved if everyone (including decision makers and managers) rally in a collaborative effort. For more information on how Wellworks For You can show you how to achieve total wellness within your company, contact us today, 800-425-4657.