Wellworks For You Mobile App

The Wellworks For You App is a place to organize, manage, and track your healthy habits! Through this release, we strive to offer the richest way for users to improve and maintain a healthier lifestyle. The App will provide easy accessibility to the most popular features of the Wellness Portal from recording your vital signs in ‘My Vitals’ to tracking your workouts and diet in our fitness and nutrition planner, ‘WellBalance!’

Our mobile phone app provides many valuable wellness programs at your fingertips in an effort to engage your employees with a fun and innovative approach. Below is a list of some of the features now available on the phone:


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  • Track your weight and vitals
  • Use your smart phone as a pedometer and calorie tracker linking directly to your wellness portal
  • WellTrek – Virtual Pedometer Tracking program
  • Fitness & Nutritional program
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Educational Videos and program documents
  • Status of your incentive program
  • Access to wellness calendar and registration capabilities
  • Work week meal plans and recipes
  • Wellness Journal
  • Wellness Challenge Status

…and many other features