Pedometer Program


Pedometer Program


Use one of our compatible pedometers to apply your steps to our Interactive Pedometer Tracking Program, WellTrek! WellTrek allows you to create challenges for your employees by designing custom routes around the world. Travel across the United States, Europe, Africa or even Australia!

Employees can track their progress during the challenge and even view satellite images along their route. Users will also be able to view their daily step entries with graphs to show their progress.

Wellworks has partnered with Fitbit and Omron technologies to deliver a SEAMLESS pedometer tracking experience for your employees. Simply place the pedometer on your person, pocket or purse and GO! Once you are ready to upload your steps, simply plug the pedometer into your PC or send a wireless transfer and your steps will automatically be posted to your Wellness Portal and WellTrek trip.



Track your steps, distance, and calories with Zip™, One™, and now Flex™, Fitbit’s newest activity tracker. Choose the tracker that fits your day the best. Contact Wellworks for discounted bulk and individual prices. Subsidy programs available.

Omron device


The Pedometer will store up to 40 days of activity at a time including steps, aerobic activity, calories burned and miles walked or ran.


SmartPhone App

The Wellworks For You App is a place to organize, manage and track your healthy habits while on the go! The App will provide easy accessibility to the most popular features of the Wellness Portal from recording your vital signs in ‘My Vitals’ to tracking your workouts and diet in our fitness and nutrition planner, ‘WellBalance!’
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Employers/Groups that would like to purchase a Fitbit product for their participants, please contact Wellworks For You directly for Discounted Rates. or 800.425.4657

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