Know Your Number® Assessment

KYN_EEIndividualSummaryKnow Your Number® is an evidenced-based health risk assessment and education tool, which evaluates an individual’s risk for 9 of the most costly, modifiable chronic diseases. A simple report displays an individual’s disease risk and a peer risk comparison. The primary focus of the Know Your Number assessment is modifiable disease risk, or the risk that can be minimized with changes to behaviors and healthier lifestyle choices. This risk is graphically displayed to show the impact of each modifiable risk factor. As one Know Your Number participant stated, “I put the graphs on my refrigerator to remind me why I need to change.”

Know Your Number is Better

The Know Your Number assessment is based on a Synthesis Analysis™, a patented analytics methodology that incorporates an individual’s standard biometric values, clinical measurements, and questionnaire data, with updated evidence-based clinical research. The Know Your Number Chronic Disease Risk Summary adds a new meaning to the adage, “Seeing is Believing” and has redefined just how comprehensive a health risk assessment can be.

Through a system of assessing the clients readiness to change, collaborating on goal setting, building a trusting relationship and educating the client, the health coach will assist the client to improve their overall health.

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“Seeing is Believing”

  • Graphically communicates 9 chronic disease risks: CHD, diabetes, stroke, CHF, and lung, breast, colon, and prostate cancer
  • Graphically communicates disease-specific modifiable risks
  • Provides a personalized risk reduction plan
  • Provides age and gender-matched risk comparisons
  • Addresses ethnicity
  • Uses evidence-based, disease risk modeling
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Addresses both wellness and disease management
  • No software to buy; 24/7 web access

Wellworks for You

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