Incentive Management

According to a study conducted in 2015, 87% of companies offered wellness incentive programs for employees.

It’s a fairly significant percentage, and there’s a reason why. Incentives work. Not only do they work, incentive management strategies increase participation, which ultimately leads to better health, happier corporate culture and significant productivity.

The important question regarding wellness program programs is “How do you manage and measure their effectiveness?”

Comprehensive Incentive ManagementResults Now!

Wellworks For You offers what we call our “Results Now Incentive Management Platform” which enables monthly monitoring and reporting on a monthly basis to evaluate the efficiency and success of your program.

In addition, employees are provided with their own access to their individual Results Now Wellness Report, participation results on their personal Wellness Portal and other data to help maintain and exceed their health and wellness goals.  

Accountability Working for You

Accountability is invaluable when it comes to a successful wellness program. Incentive management is a way to ensure that the incentives put in place, whether they are cash, bonuses or material are sure to attract employee involvement, but what is the staying power associated with them?

Not only does our incentive management program provide real-time reporting and the ability to track incentives, our Wellworks data analytics will help highlight important health risk and biometric results.

If you need help implementing a wellness program or incentive management strategy, our customized, interactive corporate wellness website allows you and your employees to keep track of their personal wellness through fitness and nutrition planners, personalized calendars that highlight upcoming events, pedometer tracking, daily nutrition tips and more. To speak with a health and wellness consultant today please call us toll free at 800-425-4657.