Can You Complete Wellness And Nutrition Goals While You Work?

Wellworks For You shares three great ways to complete wellness and nutrition goals while you work!

It’s a familiar story.  You’d love to get fit, but you don’t feel like you have the time.  Pursuing complete wellness and nutrition seems like a full time job in itself, and you don’t know where to begin. How can you find the time, resources, and accountability you really need to make those changes?  If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. 79% of U.S. adults don’t meet the guidelines for both aerobic exercise and muscle-strengthening activity, nevermind guidelines for healthy eating!

Complete Wellness And NutritionNow, however, this story can have a happy ending.  With help from Wellworks For You, you can take charge of your health and wellness and make positive changes while you work!  By integrating our complete wellness and nutrition resources into a single portal, we have created the ultimate workplace wellness resource.

Here Are Three Quick Ways To Get Started On The Path To Complete Wellness And Nutrition While At Work:

  • Gain Healthy Know-How.  Learn everything from stress management to how to cook quick and healthy meals… all while sharing lunch at work!  With corporate Lunch And Learns, you get the benefits of 30 to 60 minute workshops with a health and wellness professional, without ever having to leave work!  These interactive discussions provide you with the tools you need to make positive changes throughout your work day and beyond!
  • Achieve Pedometer Prowess During Your Break.  Many health and wellness advocates recommend that you aim to take 10,000 steps each day.  For those who work primarily sedentary office jobs, this may seem like a huge challenge!  However, once your pedometer is strapped on, you can begin finding all sorts of opportunities to get moving at work.  Try standing at your desk for a little while, take a walk with a coworker during lunch, or even suggest that your next one on one meeting occur while walking the stairs of your business together!  The bonus?  Getting moving can improve your focus, creativity, and problem solving abilities!
  • Quit Smoking With The Help You Need.  If you are a smoker, one of the most important steps you can take toward complete wellness and nutrition is to break this addiction and quit smoking. However, if you are working in a stressful or unsupportive environment, this challenge only gets more difficult!  With the Smoking Cessation program from Wellworks For You, though, you can get the resources and accountability you need to make this important step towards better health throughout your life.

All of these steps towards better health and wellness are within your reach when you work with Wellworks For You.  To learn more about our unique programs and portal, contact us today at 800-425-4657.

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