The Best Healthy Habits Office Personnel Can Use

Aristotle said “We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

While initially we may shape our habits, before long our habits will shape us.

Healthy-Habits-OfficeAs a business or corporation that must concern oneself with the daily health and efficiency of employees, habits, then, are of great importance in your workplace.  It is rare to find healthy habits office workers use on a continual basis.

The workplace has long been considered just an environment to survive, with whatever means possible…large pots of coffee, energy drinks, junk food to keep spirits up, quick lunches no matter the health quality.  Often, if your employees do have an interest in health, they simply decide it’s too much work to concern oneself with on the job.

That is why it is important for you, as the employer to encourage healthy habits office personnel can utilize.

4 Healthy Office Habits For Your Employees:

  • Encourage Daily Movement

    Promote the desire to get moving during the day. Don’t place all materials within immediate reach. Store some things a little distance so they need to get up and walk to retrieve them.

    Offer incentives for daily exercise, or pay a percentage of gym membership fees.

    Encourage employees to move around during their midday breaks.

  • Provide Healthy Food Choices

    If your place of employment offers lunch or snack options, make sure that there are plenty of healthy choices available. Offer fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, and whole grains.

    Put a fruit basket in the break room and charge a very minimal fee…or better yet, offer it for free!

    Place the coffee in a place a little less accessible than the water.  Offer tasty herbal tea options near the coffee.

  • Establish Good Conflict Management

    Often overlooked but highly important, this one healthy habit office workers employ can bring a world of good to your work environment. Stress plays a key role in all of our bodily systems.

    By establishing and maintaining proper avenues for your employees to deal with stress that comes through workplace conflict, you can greatly increase mental health.

  • Incorporate Regular Wellness Challenges

    At Wellworks For You, we offer an array of corporate wellness challenges that will encourage team building, stress management, exercise, and healthful eating. Make it a habit that your employees come to expect and anticipate.

Establishing healthy habits office workers use really can be easier than you think!

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