Employee Wellness Programs Statistics

Corporate wellness programs are a relatively new phenomenon. Many businesses looking to add a corporate wellness program to their workplace have a hard time finding solid and academic statistics to back up the claims that wellness programs have a high ROI, are extremely beneficial to employees, and are a good investment. Wellworks can give you all the employee wellness programs statistics you need to discover just how much your office could utilize a corporate wellness program. There are several ways to successfully engage your employees with your new workplace wellness program. Not only will we prove to you that you need a corporate wellness program, but we will also help you successfully implement it.employee wellness programs statistics

There are a few standards that you need to put in place to guarantee your workplace wellness program is a hit. First, you need multilevel leadership. You need to have fellow employees, managers and supervisors, and higher ups involved and excited about the wellness program. Everyone should be engaged and participating. Leaders should set a good example by getting involved. Second, you need a great person to manage your wellness program. Wellworks will provide you with all the resources and employee wellness programs statistics that you need, but someone in your company will need to enact the program itself.

If you’re not convinced yet, head on over to our website to read all about corporate wellness programs and employee wellness program statistics. Though wellness programs are relatively new, there is a lot of research that is already available. Wellness programs have been benefitting a variety of businesses, both small family owned businesses and large corporations. In our experience, we have found that healthy employees always cost less than sick or unhealthy employees. No one can achieve perfect health, but everyone can make small adjustments to their lifestyles to become healthier.

Employee Wellness Programs Statistics | Employee Wellness Program Statistics