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Are you looking for ways to improve the health of your employees? Look no further than Wellworks For You where our goal is to keep you and your employees living a full, healthy life by using our Wellness Company Programs.wellness company programs

Our philosophy is to utilize techniques and methodology from the health belief model and the transtheoretical model to bring you successful corporate wellness. Among our variety of programs we offer, some of our clients’ favorites include:

  • Health Coaching
    Sometimes we may get a little overwhelmed by the needs to be met in our bodies. This is where our health coaching program comes in. We will provide you with your own health coach to give you the support and advice you need for your everyday health.

    Our health coaches offer advice on nutrition, stress and weight management, exercise and fitness, healthy on the go meals, blood pressure management, cholesterol management and more!

  • Telemedicine
    We often overlook the importance of scheduling appointments with our physician’s when needs arise. If we don’t treat our symptoms sooner rather than later, they may turn into a lengthy absence of leave. With our telemedicine program, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. You can reach our doctors by phone 24/7 with a 16 minute average turnaround time.
  • Smoking Cessation
    We offer a 6-week Smoking Cessation Campaign to assist your employees in making a positive change in their health that will impact the rest of their lives. This program incorporates interactive resources, health coaching, onsite speakers and more.
  • Pedometer Programs
    This is one of our most popular programs, enabling your employees to be encouraged to live an active lifestyle. The pedometers provided and our interactive Pedometer Tracking Program allow you to create challenges for your employees by designing custom routes around the world! That’s right! Walking doesn’t get any more fun than that!

So what are you waiting for? Get on track with Wellworks For You. For more information give us a call at our toll free number at 1-800-425-4657 and get started with your Wellness Company Programs today!

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