Your Partner for Developing A Corporate Wellness Program

Recent studies have made it clear that developing a corporate wellness program for your business can yield a great return on investment.  Not only will you be helping your employees live and work better, but you will also likely see improvements in absenteeism and health care costs.  However, it is also a well known fact that the extent of the return on investment that you see is dependent upon how engaged employees are in the program.  Wellworks For You is a leading wellness company who knows what it takes to establish a wellness program that works.

developing a corporate wellness program 

First and foremost, when developing a corporate wellness program, it is important to customize it for the actual needs of your employees.  A one-size-fits-all approach quickly wanes as participants are unable to find something that really applies to them.  Additionally, make sure that participants can easily and regularly check in to track and report their progress.  You may also want to provide motivation by adding an incentive or element of adventure to your program.


All of these key components, from engaging customization to incentive tracking, are available through the programs as Wellworks For You.  When you partner with us to start developing a corporate wellness program, you tap into some of the best resources in the industry.  Our proprietary platforms unique approaches blend the best of technology with the health know-how that really gets results.


For example, our pedometer challenges use FitBit technology to lead your participants through a virtual tour of adventurous landscapes like Europe or Australia.  Or, if you are looking for something which will address a wider range of needs, consider health coaching or disease management; these provide your employees and their coaches with a comprehensive approach to wellness.

Although many programs promise results, only Wellworks For You has the technology and techniques you need to create the type of engaging program which yields real results at work and in life.

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