Your How To Wellness Guide: 4 Foods That Disguise Themselves As Healthy

Eating healthy is the first step to being healthy. In order to change our palate we need to substitute our normal diet with a healthier one. These so called healthy foods are what the bagels were for the 90’s.  We all knew what a bagel was, didn’t we? It was a “healthy” donut. By the time you slathered on that  cream cheese you pretty much racked up 450 calories respectively.  Here is our  How To Wellness Guide that will help you decode those wanna be healthy foods.

how to wellness4 Foods That Disguise Themselves As Healthy

  1. Flavored Yogurt – The problem with low-fat or non-fat flavored yogurt is that it has added sugar to make up for the flavor. Yogurts today seemed to be packed with added sugar, corn syrup, or starch, which doesn’t help our waistlines or our overall health. Your best bet is to get the plain variety and add fresh fruit for a little healthy flavor.
  1. Energy Bars – This is the version of a “healthy” candy bar with the same calorie count as the candy bar you’re trying to avoid. These small little energy bars can pack a punch up to 250 calories. They’re often filled with corn syrup, artificial dyes, and added sugar. If you’re in need of a quick snack grab a banana or a hard-boiled egg to give you a boost.
  1. Reduced Fat Peanut Butter – When they removed the fat, they removed some of the flavor. In order to add the flavor back into this reduced fat version they added sugar and fillers. Stick to the full fat version, and consume in moderation.
  1. Flavored Vitamin Water –  These drinks aren’t an added benefit to your diet. The only thing they add is 32 grams of sugar. If you want a kiss of flavor in your water add some fruit.

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