A workplace wellness newsletter can inform employees on multiple health-related educational articles, lists, announcements, pictures and more. It’s one of the best ways to keep employees up-to-date on the latest health trends, topics, and events. To a greater degree, a well-constructed newsletter will not only share workplace wellness ideas but will also help trigger participation in health and wellness programs in the workplace.

How can Workplace Wellness Newsletters Benefit Your Company?

Workplace wellness newsletters can be distributed in hard copy or digital form, depending on the specific needs of your company. For some businesses, a small newspaper design is needed, while others may prefer a brochure. Depending on how customized your newsletters are, you can also use this tool to inform your employees about specific events happening through your employee health and wellness program.

Take a look at five ways you can get the most out of your workplace wellness newsletter:

  1. Select a Monthly Health-Related Theme

    Workplace-WellnessOne of the easiest, most cohesive, and engaging ways to put together a workplace wellness newsletter is to come up with a health and wellness related topic. Pick a nutrition, fitness, health screening, and mental health oriented subject and provide material to support it.

  2. Highlight Short, Simple, and Educational Stories

Once you select a topic, point readers to blogs, vlogs, and articles that are easily accessible and informative to readers. At Wellworks For You we have endless wellness-focused educational material for employees to pursue.

  • Include Specific Wellness Events

    Do you have an onsite screening, health fair, or lunch and learn coming up? Share it in your newsletter! Inform employees of the date, time, and location of wellness events on the radar.

  • Welcome Wellness Challenge Participation

    Wellness challenges are a great way to get employees involved in health and fitness. Be sure to highlight any current or upcoming wellness challenges. Consider publishing the leaderboard stats from your last company workplace wellness challenge to incite a little friendly competition and employee camaraderie.

  • Captivate with Images and Captions

    With limited attention spans, it’s important to grab your readers’ attention swiftly. Be sure to include bright, colorful, and relevant images and captions to help direct the eye to specific areas of your newsletter.

  • Wellworks For You Does Newsletters Too

    Wellworks For You newsletter designs provide maximum customization, including interactive articles, tips of the month, and trivia questions. We also offer weekly email reminders about current health activities, wellness challenges, and other ways to get involved in your company’s wellness programming.

    Contact us today to learn more about our newsletter services and additional workplace wellness programs and opportunities or call us at 800-425-4657.