Workplace Wellness Ideas to Revitalize Your Office

When it comes to a company wellness program, consistency and routine have their benefits.

Sometimes, however, your corporate culture no matter how healthy-minded, could benefit by breathing a bit of new life. How? Simply by incorporating some fun workplace wellness ideas.

Making things fun is the best way to engage your employees, and participation is the key to a successful workplace wellness program. With fun in mind, we’ve put together a list of ways you can revitalize the atmosphere and attitude of your workplace environment.

Fun and Easy Workplace Wellness Ideas

Workplace wellness programs can be the best place to set employees up for success, and not simply during working hours. By providing fully integrative health and wellness programs in the workplace, employers provide employees with the foundation needed to be healthy, productive and empowered. If you find your wellness program wanting, or would simply like to spice things up, try implementing a few of the following fun workplace wellness ideas:

  • Bring Back Recess: Recess was the best part of the day when you were a kid – so why not bring it back? Schedule a mid-afternoon 15 minute break to go outside, chat with a friend, and simply recharge. This will increase productivity for the rest of the day.
  • Go to the Fair: Health fair that is. Host a health fair at the office, and give your employees access to massage therapists, preventative health screenings, biometrics and more.
  • Grow Something: If your workplace boasts enough outdoor space, planting a garden remains one of the most popular employee wellness activities around. Stuck inside? No worries, there are still many benefits to filling the office with indoor plants.
  • Challenge and Cultivate: There’s nothing like a little healthy competition to invoke the spirit of camaraderie. Create daily measurable challenges such as drinking 8 glasses of water a day, or, weekly goals of running 5 miles a week. Provide small rewards if employees rise to the challenge.
  • Join a CSA: Put together a workplace team or teams and find a local farm’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).
  • Learn and Lunch: Bring in a speaker for a Lunch and Learn, and treat your employees to a presentation on topics like, “Good Fats vs Bad Fats,” “Quick Healthy Meals,” “Smoking Cessation,” and more.
  • Toss the Junk: One of the easiest, most effective workplace wellness tips out there is to simply get rid of the junk food in your office. Get rid of the sodas, chips, and candy bars, and leave out baskets of teas, nuts, and fresh fruit instead.

Looking for more wellness tips for the workplace? We can help!

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