Workplace Wellness Ideas 101

What are the best ways to promote wellness at work? Many options are very affordable, and may combine physical activity with nutrition. Workplace wellness ideas come in a variety of forms, including programs as well as general environmental features. You can make your work an environment where wellness is encouraged by fostering a culture oriented towards health and (sometimes) accepting of less conventional ways of being at work. Here are some of our workplace wellness ideas:workplace wellness ideas

  • Encourage managers to hold walking meetings with employees
  • Include vending machines with healthy choices for lunch
  • Start a walking/biking/running program with incentives
  • Negotiate corporate discounts for YMCA (or other) memberships
  • Bring vaccinations to the workplace. For example, the common flu can be prevented by a vaccine, but many employees don’t have the time or want to spend the money to go to a doctor for it.
  • Bring education luncheons to the workplace. Ask an expert to share on a topic of interest, such as healthy eating or the best ways to avoid long-latency disease
  • Have a goal for the week or month and post it throughout the office to inspire employee participation
  • Provide showers to those employees riding a bicycle to work

Bringing greater wellness to the workplace takes time and some creativity. If those are resources that you don’t feel you have, it’s worth considering to contact a wellness company for your needs. Corporate wellness companies create programs for you, so that you can install a culture of health without having to do all the work yourself. If you’d like to talk to one of the leading innovators in workplace wellness ideas, Wellworks For You is here. We offer programs in a variety of areas, depending on your needs. Call us today at 610.572.1760 to receive your free consultation.

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